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Articles | September 3, 2020

Top FinTech Trends for 2020

In a world of fast developing industries, the global marketplace, and the financial institutions have to be adaptive to trends and offer more innovative and inclusive financial solutions that attract new clients and retain old ones. Staying ahead of the competition means implementing solutions that are user experience friendly, such as FinTech applications. Read this article and find out how your company can benefit from implementing broad-spectrum FinTech solutions.

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The best place to nearshore software development is here in Poland

  • 3rd best country in the world to invest in 2020
    The CEOWORLD Magazine, 2020
  • The best English language skills among the CEE countries
    EF English Proficiency Index, 2019
  • One of the most attractive locations in Europe among preferred outsourcing destinations
    A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index™, 2019
  • The best IT developers in Europe
    HackerRank 2016

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Why You Should Nearshore Software Development to Poland?

Outsourcing allows companies to get their projects to the market quicker and focus on their core expertise, which may not be the development of software.

Below are the main 5 benefits of IT outsourcing to a custom software development company such as JCommerce:


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Software Project Is Developed Quicker

The development of software requires a skilled team of programmers and managers to see the project through the development life cycle. Defining the specification, developing code with documentation, testing and maintenance of your software project can be all outsourced.

You may have a team of programmers already but need a few pairs of hands to speed the development process up and get the product out faster. Without the software project completed, it causes further delays to other sectors such as marketing and sales departments.

JCommerce offer outsourcing of a complete project as well as hiring a dedicated team of programmers so that you can reach your project deadline.

Reduce Software Development Costs

A big misconception by many people is that outsourcing is expensive. This is simply not true and outsourcing to Eastern Europe such as JCommerce in Poland is very affordable.

Training in-house software developers and providing them with specialized resources and development tools is an expensive upfront cost and will take time. Outsourcing your custom software project requires no wasted training time or upfront resource cost. You are paying purely for your software to be developed by a professional team.

The cheapest option is not always the best however. You should always research the company and check for previous completed work in the form of outsourced software case studies.

More Time For Core Expertise

In order to get more contracts, many businesses may accept work that they are not experts with. This has the effect of being highly time consuming and wastes valuable time that could be used elsewhere. For example, a web development business specializes in producing websites and not custom software projects.

A business may already have skilled software developers but managing multiple projects at the same time is not ideal and causes further delays. Outsourcing to a custom software development company gives your business the time to focus on core competencies.

Improving Quality Of Software Products

Outsourcing projects to a professional software development company that specializes in your project is an efficient method of building a more robust solution. Improving the quality of your code not only helps increase the value but also makes it easier to maintain.

Adding experienced developers to your team via JCommerce will also increase the work rate and implement best practices and design patterns.

That’s why you need nearshore software development.


New Ideas And Knowledge

By teaming up with experienced developers that have proven track records of software development, in-house developers have the chance to learn new skills. As a business, learning from the outsourced team of software developers will bring new ideas to the table and methods to improve the development process.

We are a custom software development company that aim to provide all businesses with these benefits with every project we work on. JCommerce have a proven track record of a range of projects that have been successfully delivered on time and at an affordable price.


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