Why Bonn and Cologne Are Interesting For Us?

When doing business, we believe in good personal communication as major factor influencing the results. That is why we pay so much attention to get to know our partners, speak their language, understand their culture and meet their needs. We want to be close to our clients and build personal relationship with them.

This is the reason why we have chosen Cologne as a base for our business. Area of Cologne is a strategic communication point for Europe. Its impressive railway station, one of the biggest in region is close to many major capitals of Europe – Brussels, Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam.

There we had fruitful meetings with our potential clients: leading management and IT consulting businesses in the German market and software company experienced in system integration and implementation solutions. We focused on software development, application migration and IT support.  Together we discovered unexpected, new subjects where our clients can profit from our support. We are hoping to develop cooperation in the near future.

We also had time to discuss with our IT consultants possibilities of giving them support and get to know project options better.

We had a chance to visit Bonn and we are convinced it will be a great place where our developers can comfortably live and support our clients in their project.

Besides, both cities are beautiful, trimmed, colourful and full of nice architecture. We really enjoyed the time we could have spent there.