Our Culture

Organizational Culture That Stands Behind Our Success

Our Values

We create a friendly atmosphere for Team Work, which fosters Development that turns into Professionalism.
We are Flexible, which allows us to take on new challenges with real Enthusiasm.

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Our People

Team Spirit is our strength. Cooperation among people who simply like each other and share both their technological and private passions allows us build a real dream team – which is clear to our clients! We believe that team work is the best and simplest recipe for success stories, and not only in IT.

Our Company

As a company we believe in continuous growth, so we support the development of our employees’ technical and soft skills, but also give them a hand to master their hobbies and create a happy IT community

We make IT with Team Spirit

We believe that, to build a perfect team, you need to let people bring their own ideas to life. Our specialists organize the testing academy, RPG live sessions, talk about their travels or share how to cook the best Ramen soup! In the wintertime some of our teams decorate their work space with milions of lights to create a special festive atmosphere. You can see this whenever visiting one of our offices. Team Spirit helps us ti make IT!

Competence teams

We place strong emphasis on a friendly recruitment process that includes the technical verification of candidates. We take care of the candidate experience, collecting regular feedback from our employees-to-be. After friendly onboarding, we pay attention to soft skills and provide our employees with constant opportunities for development in the form of meetings and webinars.  

We have established the role of Technical Solution Manager so that both junior and senior specialists have the opportunity to develop their skills. In the event a given specialist decides to move on to another company, we conclude collaboration with a so-called “exit review” and stay in touch thanks to dedicated programs and social groups for former employees, called JAlumni.  

How to turn Team Spirit into competitive advantage? Meet our Technical Solution Managers, who are always here to help! The competence teams consist of “the best of the best”: of our specialists:

TSM in Java

Michał Orłowski

TSM in Java


Marcin Niesyn



Leszek Zieliński



Norbert Kulski


Internal initiatives promoting the development of our core values

“Most JValuable People”

Altogether we choose the ambassadors of a given value – people who are the most enthusiastic, professional, flexible, development-oriented and best team players according to their peers. This way we both encourage people to develop these values and take the opportunity to appreciate those who do so.

Meet the winners of the 2020 MJVP edition


Senior QA Engineer
& Technical Leader

In category


Team Manager

In category


HR Specialist

In category



In category
Team Work


Administration Specialist

In category

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible employer

We take care of the comfort, work-life balance and development of our employees. Also, we devote resources and attention to our mentoring program and provide support through Technical Solution Managers. Our employees develop their communication abilities by means of free English classes and internal soft skills workshops. We also help them to master their passions, many of which are related to sporting activities: running, cycling, hiking, and many more.

Responsible leader

We create an active community of tech employees, by co-organizing conferences and meetups. Our specialists have multiple opportunities to share their knowledge during meetups, conferences, webinars and internal events and initiatives called ShareIT and BiteIT.  We educate young testers and developers outside of the company by organizing free trainings: JTester Academy, JDeveloper Academy. The best participants can continue their careers in our structures.

Responsible resident of Earth

We believe that small actions can bring great results, which is why we try to make our place on Earth better in small steps, by undertaking a number of eco-friendly activities (waste sorting, electronic circulation of documents, avoiding plastic bottle consumption). Recently we have set our hearts on protecting bees from mass extinction by funding urban apiaries.  The hive located on the roof of our office in Katowice is inhabited by 15,000 busy bees.

Responsible member of the community

We support charity runs and organize annual actions to support of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. We hand over old IT equipment to schools and orphanages, so that it can serve others in its ‘second life’. Additionally, we try to be a responsible member of the community. We occasionally support local charity collections and help social welfare centers. We also, we support shelters for homeless animals.