After hours | September 29, 2016

Poland Rules 2016’s IT reports!

The results of this year’s international reports on the global IT market clearly show that the Polish IT industry has reason to smile.

For several years now, our country has been one of the most attractive markets for foreign direct investment and a leader in terms of the number of new jobs created. According to Ernst & Young analysts, this year Poland is 5th in Europe in this respect, after economic powerhouses such as Germany, the UK, France, and the Netherlands. What are the reasons behind the level of investor interest in Poland? The high competence of Polish specialists is probably the driving force.

Polish developers are slowly becoming the Polish economy’s most valuable brand. HackerRank compared the programming competences of specialists from 50 countries around the world and ranked the Poles as high as 3rd place, after only the Chinese and the Russians, but leaving the Germans, Britons and even Americans far behind. Moreover, when competences in terms of particular specializations were compared, Polish Java programmers took 1st place!

Small wonder, then, that international business service centers are popping up like mushrooms in Poland – in the A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index ranking, Poland is the most popular location for such centers in Europe. Due to its low cost, high professional competences and the favorable business environment, Poland is also an IT services outsourcing power, and has been recognized as the most attractive location for nearshore outsourcing in Europe according to the Raconteur report.

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Michal Soja

Michal Soja

International Sales Director

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