Articles | April 26, 2018

Hannover Messe, Day 3 – 4IR Solutions Applied

After the third day of Hannover Messe, Justyna Mikołajczyk provided us with her insights from the fair and wrote about the most impressive and advanced solutions exhibited in Hannover.



I was amazed by what technology can really offer. The German company Bionic Systems GmbH from Augsburg, one of the exhibitors at Hannover Messe, has displayed their exoskeleton, and no, I am not at a science fiction convention. This is a real-life combination of pipes and a backpack, which you put on yourself, and it looks like a kind of uniform.

The idea of the exoskeleton is of course to extend human power, to go beyond the limits of human strength. It was initially invented to help disabled people, but it is starting to be used in a wide range of industries during the production process, to help workers with their daily tasks. Simply put, it helps them to lift loads which they wouldn’t normally be able to lift.

Hannover Messe - IR Solutions

Industry 4.0 production plants

Another big initiative from Germany that impressed me at Hannover Messe was from the German consortium SmartFactory (Technology-Initiative SmartFactory KL), which has the aim of building, managing and delivering outstanding and complex solutions for Industry 4.0 production plants. This is a joint initiative between companies including Festo, Harting, Huawei, IBM, Mettler Toledo, Rexroth (Bosch Group), Siemens, SAP, Tüv and many more.

Each company in this consortium offers unique competences, ideas for experimenting and co-operating in order to develop the intelligent factory of tomorrow. All the ideas of Industry 4.0, the smart factory and the IoT are combined to develop the concept of the innovative factory system and put it to practical use.

Justyna Mikolajczyk
International Account Manager

Supports and advises European companies which search for IT individuals that fit the remote-working environment and helps customers to boost their software development team’s capabilities.