Events / conferences | November 6, 2017

JCommerce at the Web Summit 2017 in Lisbon

Today is the start of the Web Summit, one of the world’s largest technology conferences, which has been bringing IT professionals together since 2010 – from Fortune 500 companies to small startups. For the past few days, participants and speakers have been arriving in Lisbon, where this year’s edition of the conference has been organized. Among them – for the first time – is the JCommerce team, proudly representing one of the biggest software development outsourcing companies in Poland.

Web Summit 2017, Day 1

JPeople at the Web Summit say hello!


Piotr Zyguła
Piotr Zyguła

President & CEO, responsible for JCommerce strategic planning and sales policy.

Anna Nowicka
Anna Nowicka

Helps companies scale up and speed up the software development of new IT solutions. Delivers IT projects and software development teams in the nearshore model.

Radek Szmit
Radek Szmit

International Sales Manager, Manager and lead, traveller, visionmonger. Enjoys all aspects of IT, outsourcing, software development and IT team building.

Justyna Mikołajczyk
Justyna Mikołajczyk

Knowing that a shortage of devs is a common problem in Europe, will be at the Web Summit to shed some light on doing IT projects with a nearshore team in Poland.

Kamila Łopińska
Kamila Łopińska

Fascinated by technology, professionally connected with the IT industry, software development services and IT outsourcing solutions.


Feel free to contact us via the Web Summit App!

We arrived in Lisbon from Katowice on Saturday to prepare for the conference, but it was not until Monday that everything really got started. The inauguration evening drew crowds who wanted to know what direction the industry is going in and what kind of surprises are being prepared by technological giants, and how the world is reacting to these changes. The special guests and speakers included representatives of both the business and political worlds.

After the inauguration, the participants are waiting impatiently for further attractions, of which there are plenty. As of today, the marathon of conferences and meetings will begin, during which we will have the opportunity to listen to celebrities such as:

  • Brad Smith – President of Microsoft
  • Werner Vogels – Chief Technology Officer of Amazon
  • Gillian Tans – President and CEO of
  • Sean Red – Co-founder of Tinder
  • Brian Krzanich – CEO of Intel
  • Stewart Butterfield – Co-founder of Slack
  • the former President of France Francois Hollande
  • people from Uber, Google, Facebook, Messenger and many more.

What are our plans for the Web Summit?

Of course we will always be available for visitors at our booth at Pavilion FIL 3, Booth B 614, but besides that you can also meet us at conferences, Round Tables and Mentor Hours, and at the Summit Pub as well 😉 We promise to be everywhere!

Web Summit 2017, Day 1, JCommerce Team

On Wednesday 8 November from 11:30 am, Radek Szmit will take part in one-to-one meetings for startups, answering questions related to IT systems deployment, software development and effective IT solutions for innovative technology projects, as well as outsourcing IT developers and teams.

Tomorrow we will share the report from the first conferences and meetings at the Web Summit with you. Stay tuned!


Piotr has been part of JCommerce since 2005, and since 2010 has been CEO of the company. His most significant responsibilities include company strategy and sales management. He studied at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Cologne where he furthered his education in economics and management, and is also a graduate of the ICAN Institute in Warsaw. His professional experience was acquired in such companies as Compaq, KLK and Techmex. In his private life he is a fan of Bayern Munich, a marathon runner and a lover of authentic Italian pizza.