Events / conferences | July 18, 2014

Microsoft WPC14 Day 3: “Transforming Business Together”

Yesterday in the morning all of the Microsoft Partners gathered at the Horizon centre for a second time this week and listen to the Vision Keynote speech by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella.

Microsoft WPC14 Day 3: “Transforming Business Together”

Satya Nadella message was very clear and related to the Microsoft’s leadership as the productivity and platform company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Personally I’m not a big fan of that kind of “motivation” stage speeches, but yesterday’s Microsoft CEO explanation: “Cloud first, mobile first and real productivity means getting more out of life not just doing more…” by Satya Nadella really inspired me.

“New” CEO of Microsoft seems to be very consequent person who strongly believe in the technology transformation in terms of helping people in their daily live. Satya Nadella is a very practical leader. He put his effort and focus on how get the most of technology and the available products on the market nowadays just to make the world easier.

As a great example of how Microsoft want user to be in the centre of the technology ecosystem is the fact of crossing the language barrier through Skype. Holy moly! Skype Translator will remove global barriers like never before. People will interact with each other like never before. That’s innovative!

Yesterday’s Vision keynote presentations as well as some of the seminars I have attended proved that Microsoft is indeed a partner-centric company. The combination of Microsoft Cloud OS with their Device OS and hardware around digital work and life experiences means that they will bring more opportunity for human interactivity with technology for the most comprehensive end-user experience across Microsoft and partner solutions.

With it, Microsoft will keep people at the centre, design dual-use apps, shine for productivity and build for every device platform.

As Phil Sorgen said yesterday in his keynote address, “There is a place for every one of you in this future. There’s so much opportunity—let’s go win it together.”

In the late afternoon yesterday, I joined the “WPC Partner celebration” open air party in the park (Carnegie Library, Mount Vernon Square). I enjoyed the time by listening to the concerts (“Paramore” just rocked the stage!). I met a lot of great people, exchanged thoughts and just had some relaxing time after whole day in the rush.

My American dream is approaching its final moment. Thursday, July 17th I will join morning regional keynote session where Microsoft Poland will explain their goals for this and upcoming year, will evaluate some of the crucial aspects of partnership and will discuss how we as a JCommerce can get best out of the Microsoft support in the  products and solutions domain while working with our Clients worldwide.

Tomorrow, there is a plan to go sightseeing U.S. Capitol with all of the polish MS partners. After this, I plan to visit also: “United States Holocaust Memorial Museum” which intrigue me so much! Then I will pack my stuff and will travel back to Poland to see my family and friends.

P.S. WPC Heads to Orlando, Florida in 2015! Would love to be part of this great event in the next year as well!

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