Events / conferences | April 30, 2014

Sweden is a Business Intelligence Development Area for JCommerce Professionals

After a month of work on the Business Intelligence project for Acando, we were invited to Sweden to proceed with the second stage of training that increase the scope of work.

Sweden is a Business Intelligence Development Area for JCommerce Professionals

We informed you in March, that we hosted Acando representatives, this time the Swedish partner invited us to come to Västerås, where Acando and the target Client have their headquarters.

QlikView Platform

During our stay, we participated in the four day training, where we learned about processes and principles which we have to carry out. We agreed detailed steps and actions, also acquainted with the system report errors and modifications related to the QlikView platform. As a part of the training, we solved examples of notifications which we will struggle with in the coming weeks. Consequently, we became a first line support in incident management.

Especially important was the day on which representatives of the target customer came to meet us and better know JCommerce. Our presentation met with a genuine interest, so we receive the opportunity to present it again for the Acando employees in Västerås.

Acando employees were very friendly, willing to help us and answered all questions. Along with them we created positive atmosphere that accompanied us until the end of our visit. Moreover, the Swedes kept us entertained in our spare time. They took us to places worth visiting in Västerås. One day we went bowling where we do not have too much to boast about, but we are sure in the future we take a revenge.