Events / conferences | November 8, 2017

The hottest topics from the Web Summit 2017! [video]

The second day at the Web Summit was an opportunity for JPeople to see what the hottest topics in the technology world are right now. Radek Szmit decided to record his summary, so we invite you to watch the report from beautiful (though windy) Lisbon!

JPeople on Web Summit 2017 conference in Lizbon

Watch our short summary of the hottest IT trends that were presented during the second day of the event:

During the second day at one of the largest technology conferences in the world, it was easy to see what the most important trends in the industry are. At the conferences and between the aisles where the largest technology companies from the four corners of the globe had exhibited, the following topics were featured:

  • Blockchain – which is no longer associated only with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but is showing increased potential, enabling instant, free and secure transactions between parties from all over the world.
  • Devops culture – the latest and hottest concept of IT project management and software development, which means automation and monitoring at all stages of software development, from integration, testing, and releasing to deploymentand infrastructure management.
  • IT Transformation – a complete, large-scale change to an organization’s IT systems, business rules and even its culture.

So it seems that these topics are going to be increasingly popular in the near future and we will be watching them closely.

What next?

The next day at the Web Summit is primarily about Fintech, which means computer technologies that change worldwide banking, financial and insurance services.

More on this topics tomorrow!

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