Events / conferences | October 25, 2012

We Are a Team

Time passes relentlessly and the springtime toil and sweat of the .NET team during the Silesia Marathon and later JCommerce running camp has surely went into oblivion as we already have a new autumn season of challenges and sport events ahead of us.

We Are a Team

This time my choice fell on Brussels, which we currently associate not only with the European Union, but also recognize as an important business point on a map. We base the cooperation with our Belgian Clients on availability of resources and fulfilling technical requirements as well as creating well-functioning teams, which become a part of the Client’s crew. We achieve this not only by taking care of continuous communication improvement, but also by increasing amount of integration, which originates in a mutual realization of interests and posing oneself new challenges.

This year Brussels Marathon was an opportunity to meet and discuss the current cooperation, projects being carried out and our future plans. This time it was a double challenge. I was supported and cheered by two of our Clients – totally different from one another in a view of technology (.NET and JAVA), company’s size and the way they manage their projects. With a great dose of curiosity they awaited my appearance and, what was the most motivating, they were planning to follow and watch me on the route. Having known their expectations regarding the quality of our services and projects, I had no choice but to approach the subject the best I could and my preparation allowed me to (here always lies the great unknown :D), and just confirm our high class. The beautiful, sunny weather and tactically well-played run let me reach my personal record and good looks for photos during and after the run.

Furthermore, I think that each member of JCommerce teams has done a great job this year, and every day, without exception, we try to implement the idea of Team Extension in our projects for Customers from abroad, which has a single aim – WE ARE A TEAM.

A lot of thanks also for my photographer and Technical Director – Jarek for his support and help before, during and after the run!


Piotr has been part of JCommerce since 2005, and since 2010 has been CEO of the company. His most significant responsibilities include company strategy and sales management. He studied at the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Cologne where he furthered his education in economics and management, and is also a graduate of the ICAN Institute in Warsaw. His professional experience was acquired in such companies as Compaq, KLK and Techmex. In his private life he is a fan of Bayern Munich, a marathon runner and a lover of authentic Italian pizza.