Nearshoring | December 14, 2011

Business tour – United Kingdom, France and Belgium

About week before I was travelling across Europe (United Kingdom, France, Belgium) to visit our existing Clients. We are having now quite busy time regarding project estimations, budgeting and planning for the next year 2012 – so we decided to discuss all business related cases in person with our business partners.

Business tour – United Kingdom, France and Belgium

I stayed 3 days (5th to 7th of December) in London city center (Best Western Boltons Hotel) and from this location I was travelling around for meeting up with our Clients.

First time I had my chance to see all London’s Christmas exhibitions (especially on Oxford Street) – 2 weeks before Christmas time. Thousands of lights, crowded streets with people and Christmas music on every street corner remember everyone what will happen in almost 2 weeks’ time.

Business tour for nearshore partnership

Before my arrive to UK, I carefully planned all my business trip schedule. I booked my Eurostar train in advance (so I could easily travel from London St. Pancras station to Brussels Midi).  The only surprise was the time table of the London’s Tube station which is starting at 5:30 in the very morning – (in that case I had to take my TAXI that took me on King Cross, St. Pancras station to catch my train before it’s departure) instead of taking Tube and easily travelling from Earl’s Court underground to King Cross Underground. After my arrive to Brussels I had to recall a sentence once heard somewhere that: “Never trust a TAXI Driver” and because of the very expensive offer from TAXI Driver for taking me to the Client HQ a decided to take public transport .

I came back to Poland with new  projects specifications and inquiries that has to be estimated and fulfilled by our development team. We were asked about extension of the already working dedicated teams mostly focusing on JAVA, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone development. We are setting up cooperation model and development team for a big media industry Company from Belgium and we are continuing development of clinical software systems at one of our British Client. The most valuable conclusion after meeting with our existing Clients is fact that they would like to continue cooperation with us even longer than considered before. We are that kind of Company which is looking for long lasting relationship with our business partner and we are always trying to tackle with challenging projects. Of course there are always tough topics that we have to face with – but this is the live we are living, without any engagement and risk we mostly stay with nothing…

My business trip
Business Unit and International Sales Manager

Responsible for expansion of JCommerce’s range of software development services and products, thus extending the reach of Clients portfolio mainly throughout Europe and North America, as well as establishing strategic presence on this markets.