Nearshoring | December 19, 2019

Custom software development companies – how to find the best?

Privately we value tailor-made possessions as they fit our needs perfectly. The same is true when it comes to custom-made software solutions. However, nowadays it is much easier to order a tailored suit than to recruit an IT talent to design and implement software. For example, in the UK, almost 70% of the technological industry has experienced skills shortages.

Custom software development companies

The talent shortage in IT is becoming a real problem, which is why custom software development outsourcing companies are prospering and the range of services they provide is increasing. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of cooperating with software houses. How to find the best custom software development company?

Custom software development vs commercial tools

Tailored-made applications always address a particular set of client requirements. This is the key difference between custom-made software and standard commercial tools. Not without reason did I mention the tailoring industry, as the term originates from it. Bespoke software is used within a particular industry, by a specific and often narrow group of users, and serves a concrete purpose. Compared to commercial and globally used tools, I dare say that there is some mission inscribed in the process of custom software development. Why? Let me present some inspiring examples of bespoke software:

  1. Application utilized for the remote diagnosis of hearing loss
  2. Application for a media service platform
  3. Mobile application for managing health care plans

But maintenance and development of the app are also relevant. When it comes to standard accessible tools, there are limited possibilities for personalization and further development. On the contrary, the company or the team that developed the application is able to provide maintenance services as part of the overall service.

Custom software development team vs in-house team

If you need to have a bespoke application designed from scratch or developed, you can either engage an in-house development team or a custom software development company. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of both options.

In-house team


  • More control over the project,
  • Good communication in terms of the project,
  • Working in the same corporate culture.


  • Possible staff turnover affecting project delivery speed,
  • Talent and competences shortage,
  • Recruitment issues.

Custom software development company


  • High level of expertise and specialization,
  • Vast experience gained over the course of multiple projects,
  • Flexibility and scalability – you pay only for particular tasks and time,
  • In-demand competences and talents available on demand.


  • Working across different time zones and within different corporate cultures.
  • Knowledge transfer required.

Software development outsourcing – what to consider?

Before deciding, consider all the pros and cons. Outsourcing is advantageous as it allows you to save money and time on a costly recruitment process and eliminate the risk of staff turnover within your team. Maybe it is worth considering nearshore software development? Nearshoring cooperation with a partner from a nearby location minimizes or even eliminates risks related to organizational and cultural differences. Nearshore cooperation assures comparable control over the project and minimizes language barriers. When deciding on a company from a rapidly developing country, like Poland, you gain access to professionals who speak highly proficient English.

See the case study:

IT outsourcing addresses clients’ problems

It often turns out that a company has a set of specific requirements which an application or system should meet, but lacks the competences or resources to put words into action. According to research, 32% of managers say that hiring talents is the most common issue in software development. As many as 57% of companies surveyed admitted that they have experience in outsourcing software development to a software development company.

Service providers’ employees can either extend the client’s existing team or work independently. An IT partner will also offer advice on the technology to be used and the optimal methodology in terms of the project. Which technology to choose? This will most likely be determined by the solution we decide on, and here the provider will advise if we need to engage Java, PHP, .NET, Python developers or if any other programming language or skill will be required. When it comes to methodologies, among a multitude of options, the most popular are: Scrum, Kanban, Agile and Lean.

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How to find the best custom software development company?

3 simple steps to find a trustworthy IT provider:

1) Do thorough research. The number of software houses is mushrooming quickly. How to find a suitable IT partner with expertise in a particular area? Once interested in a certain company, familiarize yourself thoroughly with their offer, along with their delivered projects. Check their portfolio and examine the case studies which they have shared. Check how long they have been operating on the market.

2) Trust, but verify – as the saying goes. Search for second opinions concerning the software house whose services you are interested in. Read testimonials from that company’s clients. The Google Knowledge Graph is a free and accessible source of information. You can also get a deeper insight thanks to portals like Clutch, where other companies share their opinions on the service provided.

3) Ask questions and… expect questions. It is good practice to reach out to the company directly or arrange a meeting to ask questions. On this occasion you can also observe if a potential partner wants to get to know your business and your goals. A trustworthy custom software development company will try to ask as many questions as possible to get to know you. Pay attention to their queries and the answers provided. Do they display a high level of expertise? It is also an opportunity to get to know the provider’s employees in person, as well as to familiarize yourself with their corporate culture and organizational structure. This will be relevant in terms of further cooperation.

Read more: The best practices in IT nearshoring.


Bespoke software development can make a significant difference and ensure your competitiveness on the market. Custom software solutions should inspire, increase our standard of living and provide a unique user experience. Therefore, prior to deciding whether to engage a software house, take all the aforementioned aspects into consideration. The key to success in terms of custom software development is understanding that nowadays talents implementing disruptive solutions are as exclusive as tailor-made goods.

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For over 8 years now, she has been supporting companies in making optimal business decisions. For most of her career she has been associated with the ICT industry. At JCommerce she is responsible for the development of cooperation with clients on the Polish market. In her private life, she is an enthusiast of dance theater and contemporary art.

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