Nearshoring | October 8, 2020

Nearshore Software Development is the Solution You Need Right Now

Nearshore software development is the new frontier in IT outsourcing for companies looking for specialized software development services. Technical officers, CTOs, CEOs, Project Leads and Delivery Managers will benefit greatly from reading this article.


Nearshoring presents one of the best opportunities for remote IT augmentation, allowing your company to concentrate on its core specialties, as an outsourced service in close proximity takes care of all your software development needs.

Nearshore Software Development

As technology becomes an ever-increasing facet of business operations, companies need to expand their software portfolio, creating new applications that not only take care of client needs but also those of their own employees. Assembling in-house teams is not only challenging but also quite costly to foment and maintain. Nearshoring is a viable alternative that enables companies to bypass these challenges.

So, what is nearshore software development?

First, there is a need to distinguish between on-shoring, offshoring and nearshoring. In the former, a company decides to outsource IT development services to a company within the same national boundaries. In the second case, IT services are outsourced to a company in a far-off geographical location. In the case of nearshoring, skilled teams are outsourced from outside the boundaries within which the company operates but at a near enough geographical location. For example, your company could be based in Germany while the outsourced company is located in Poland.

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  How to work effectively with Agile nearshore teams? Get to know the benefits of Agile Nearshore Software development Read the text to find out more!

The advantages of IT nearshoring

Nearshoring presents the best advantages of all three options in terms of comprehensive support for all your IT project needs at the least cost. With a specialized development team that is proximally close to your own country, you can achieve greater results in tech areas where your company isn’t fully competent, or if you completely lack a software development team. The fact that both countries are in close proximity means that cultural or legal differences between the two countries are greatly reduced.

With nearshoring, communication between the two assets is greatly enhanced because of the time zone difference which isn’t too drastic. On-site visits by the client are also a possibility with reduced travel costs compared to complete offshoring. While on-shoring might seem like the first option for most businesses seeking IT outsourcing, in truth it may prove to be quite costly in terms of the lack of technical expertise that you may experience within your own country and costly labor.

What Services Can a Nearshore Company Provide?

Software development encompasses a whole host of different functionalities which should be properly aligned with your company’s objectives.

Nearshore software development solves such problems as:

  • scalability,
  • migration,
  • cross-platform use,
  • security,
  • seamless testing and deployment,
  • and other performance issues at all project levels.

A full-stack development team moves beyond just writing typical lines of code and takes care of the entire client experience.

With a nearshore software development company, your business can leverage the power of custom software development and IT consulting on Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation of end-to-end client web and mobile apps, APIs, UI/UX interaction, Database Management System (DBMS) and secure-server systems, cloud hosting, data storage, etc. For entire teams, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) can also be easily rolled out. Companies looking for a full digital transformation or in need of greater virtual connectivity with customers can benefit from the full range of IT consulting services including Quality Assurance and Business Intelligence. All these services and more are provided by JCommerce, one of the best Polish nearshore companies, recognized as a top Outsourcing Company in DesignRush latest ranking, as well as by dozens of satisfied customers from 19 countries worldwide. In 2020, JCommerce was ranked JCommerce 5th in the “Clutch Top Software Developers in Poland for 2020” report.

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Why Poland

Why to outsource software development to Poland

  • Skilled programmers
  • Remarkable English proficiency among Polish developers
  • Low hiring prices
Read the text to find out more!

Thinking of Nearshoring? Think Poland

Poland is one of the best countries to seek nearshoring services, especially on Java-based frameworks. You should consider this country for your IT outsourcing needs for the following reasons:

  • According to SkillValue 2019 report, the nation ranks third on its list of the best developers on the globe, a feat also endorsed by HackerRank. Poland has a highly specialized tech economy with some of the most talented coders in the world.
  • A good number of the population speaks good English, making it one of the best fits for nearshoring for any country. According to EF EPI Report 2019, Poland is ranked Poland ranked 11th in English proficiency!
  • It is strategically located in Central Europe, making the time zone difference with any other country work in the client’s favor.


As you can see, nearshoring helps beat the constraints inherent in off-shoring such as time zones, economic and social differences, and legal bottlenecks. You should definitely consider this option to build a fruitful relationship with your IT service provider.

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