Nearshoring | November 14, 2019

Nearshoring of software development services – part 1

Everyone who runs a business hears that implementing innovative solutions, such as cloud-based services or artificial intelligence, is essential if you want to stay in the game. The number of must-have technologies can be overwhelming, especially in the context of constant difficulties in hiring suitable specialists for IT software development. If you are disoriented, searching for developers to implement whatever you need for your business to thrive, it is worth considering nearshore services in software development. Companies which decide on such a measure not only gain access to cutting-edge technologies, but also get something extra.

Nearshore software development

See the DARQ side of the technology

Nowadays we not only talk about digital transformation, but even about the post-digital world, in which each product or service is perfectly customized thanks to the wise and conscious use of innovative solutions. But can we use the term “innovative” any longer? There is a new definition describing the trendiest technologies driving the market, which Accenture calls DARQ technologies. It stands for:

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) allows for transactions without middlemen thanks to the use of technologies such as blockchain,
  • Artificial Intelligence allows for the automation of time-consuming or repeatable processes,facilitates business data analysis,
  • Extended Reality provides a new user experience thanks to e.g. hands-free services and attention-grabbing design,
  • QuantumComputinga new processing model which facilitates massive scale actions.

It seems that getting to know the relevant trends is the recipe for success. Well, it’s easier said than done. To implement DARQ technologies – or any other technologies which are essential to development – entrepreneurs need to recruit developers who are capable of providing their respective services in software development.

This is where the obstacles often begin.

Smoothly overcome recruitment issues

The IT market still lacks qualified experts as the need for cutting-edge skills keeps on rising. No wonder that entrepreneurs struggle to recruit IT specialists for projects. As per current research, in 2019 an average IT specialist gets 25 job offers a year – an increase compared to the results in 2018. In spite of the stable situation on the recruitment market in areas outside the IT industry, it is still hard to recruit experts in Information Technology. In 2019 the most in-demand professionals in IT are software developers, in particular DevOps developers.

But there is something that can be an even bigger obstacle than a shortage of talent. According to research, assessing skills might be even more challenging. Here the nearshoring of IT services may come in handy as an outsourcing partner provides verified specialists and developers with particular skills. If you need a software developer to join your project, you don’t need to recruit, nor assess their skills. Software outsourcing companies can offer a wide range of developer competences according to your particular needs. Here the nearshoring of IT services may come in handy as an outsourcing partner provides verified specialists and developers with particular skills.

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