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Nearshoring of software development services – part 2

When it comes to hiring an IT specialist, we need to discuss priorities. There is a high likelihood that your goals include some combination of the following: the implementation of a given technology, a completed project, a particular level of income and return on investment. But how about developers’ priorities? Very often they master programming skills at a young age. Read how to save on costly trainings and which software development technology to choose.


Save on costly training

A quarter of developers started coding even before they could drive. As they gain expertise, they experience a constant thirst for creating great things. Some developers have very unique first projects to their credit. “I created a program that contained all the math and physics rules to help me solve my homework assignments”. This proves creativity and the need for progress. As per research, training and opportunities for self-development are the most important factors for software developers. They are ambitious and aware that being up-to date with recent technologies is vital: “code or die”.

If you feel that you are unable to provide developers with the chance for self-development, it is worth considering the nearshoring cooperation model. In this case, the nearshoring partner provides their specialists with all the necessary training and certifications.  

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How much can you save?

Example of costs of training for Senior Java Developers:

  • Oracle Certified Associate, JAVA SE 8 Programmer: 200 $
  • Oracle Certified Professional, JAVA SE 8 Programmer: 200 $

Which software development service to choose?

You know your company needs the best. But should you require a consultation, it is always worth reaching out to a software development company or getting a deeper insight, for example provided by developers themselves. They are good observers of the market and can easily indicate which technology is just hype and which is more realistic – meaning applicable in business. Based on their observations, they indicate the most valuable skills to possess. For instance, as per research, in 2019 developers were most eager to learn the following 10 programming languages:   

  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. C
  4. Python
  5. C++
  6. PHP
  7. C#
  8. TypeScript
  9. Pascal
  10. Ruby

Such an insight may help entrepreneurs to make better choices in the context of deciding on a particular technology and investment in a particular programming language.

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Nearshoring of IT software services 

Nearshoring of services is often discussed not only in terms of addressing recruitment processes and the related issues. Firms often decide on such a cooperation model to gain access to unique competences. As I mentioned above, it is not easy to provide developers with all the necessary training. An outsourcer’s well-trained staff can bring real value here, but effective communication is essential for the knowledge exchange to succeed. Deciding on a partnership with an outsourcing company based nearby seems to be the rational option here.

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According to research, English is still the most commonly spoken language in IT. In Poland, for example, 100% of the developers examined speak English, with as many as 84% who speak fluently or very well. In addition, one quarter of Polish developers speak German, which makes Poland a good option for cooperation with German-speaking clients. Language skills along with excellent programming competences make Polish software service providers a good choice for nearshoring cooperation. Polish companies such as JCommerce offer a broad range of software development services, such as:

  • Java
  • .NET
  • C
  • #PHP
  • PLC
  • Front-End
  • Mobile
  • Quality Assurance


Companies can no longer keep up with the competition without betting on innovations. DARQ solutions, and new standards in data storage such as cloud computing – all these force entrepreneurs to search for more effective and scalable ways of software development. Being faced with a talent shortage on the rapidly developing IT market might be discouraging at first glance. This is why the assistance of a nearshoring partner might be a real help in smoothly overcoming all of the aforementioned setbacks.

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