Nearshoring | December 1, 2014

Security of Nearshore Collaboration – Outsource to Europe 2014

JCommerce, as a technology Software Solution House, took part in the Outsource to Europe 2014 conference. JCommerce was selected from a number of companies, because of our vast experience in setting up a secure process of software development & delivery.

full outsourcing of php development

This year, companies and industry representatives from Southeast Europe and the Nordic countries (IT/Media) were present at this event. Local investors and journalists also gained an insight into how the Scandinavian ICT/Media market might be beneficial in terms of cooperating with external IT Service Providers from the CEE region. The Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training in the Swedish Government – Aida Hadžialić (the youngest ever minister in Sweden) gave a very inspirational speech on the current geopolitical situation in the region, as well as a future perspective in partnering with the Nordic IT hub and areas in which companies from the Pan-European block might be successful delivering services to Northern European clients.

There was also a special place for a JCommerce representative, among 10 speakers selected to share their domain knowledge and expertise. As JCommerce IT Outsourcing Partner, I provided insights into the security of business collaboration,  and also focused on the risks involved in hiring the wrong outsourcing vendor; as well as intellectual property policies, procedural mistakes and outsourcing management responsibility. Afterwards, I summed up the speech with some solutions for potential risks of collaboration and presented ideas on how to hire the right vendor, how to build quality assurance and how to implement effective software development methodology.

After my keynote speech, another great speaker (Mr. Frederik von Essen) was invited to present the most promising business areas for outsourcing for the next couple of years. Moreover, he presented some of the top trends for the next 5 years time, which Software Providers will have to face:

– Cloud/Client computing
– Software-Defined Applications and Infrastructure
– Web-Scale
– IT Risk Based Security and Self-Protection
– Big Data
– Advance, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics
– 3D Printing
– The Internet of Things
and many more…

It was a pleasure for me to take part in the event. Hopefully Outsource to Europe has helped most attendees find the key to crucial aspects of outsourcing partnerships and JCommerce will be inundated with requests for software development services!

Business Unit and International Sales Manager

Responsible for expansion of JCommerce’s range of software development services and products, thus extending the reach of Clients portfolio mainly throughout Europe and North America, as well as establishing strategic presence on this markets.