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The importance of remote services in software development

In 2020 remote work became something more than a benefit offered to attract employees. It has turned into a factor which ensures business resilience. The pandemic locked us in our homes but opened us up to new possibilities. IT companies have always been open to operating online and services in software development are not in any danger. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of remote IT services.


Do businesses expect the unexpected?

According to Gartner research, only 12% of companies were highly prepared for the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak. Only 2% of respondents believe their business is functioning as usual. This report shows that companies are poorly prepared for managing emerging risk. Organizations were mostly surprised by the impact of the coronavirus on the remote workforce. For years now, remote work has been associated with employee well-being or viewed as a privilege of tech companies. In 2020 it turned into an obligation for companies wanting to avoid lockdown.

The impact of the coronavirus on the remote workforce 

Remote work has been gaining in popularity for decades. Interest increased visibly in March 2020, when the number of queries rose significantly according to Google Trends. According to Global Workplace Analytics research, conducted for the needs of the US market, 56% of the workforce holds positions for which tasks can be carried out remotely to some extent. Previously, few employees had the opportunity to work from home. As per research, 25-30% will be willing to work remotely for a couple of days per week in the future.

Covid-10’s impact on software development

The impact of coronavirus on custom software companies is minimal, as many of them function remotely on a daily basis. In recent months, creative solutions have been implemented in response to the dynamic situation. The demand for custom software has risen significantly.

Here are the most practical and interesting applications of new technologies:

  • Software for teleconferencing, e-learning, and remote working.
  • Fitness apps for monitoring health and working out at home.
  • VR and Augmented Reality for staff training.
  • Chatbots and Machine Learning solutions used to respond to Covid-19-related queries.
  • AI used to monitor the pandemic, send alerts, provide forecasts and diagnosis.
  • IoT smart devices such as automated diagnostic machines or drones patrolling the streets, or even used for… dating during social distancing.  

The future of remote software development services

The recent situation has shown that we are more tech-driven than ever, but economic instability is holding many companies back from investments in IT services. However, as many as 69% of businesses have declared that they plan to return to pre-crisis levels of spending on software once the pandemic is over. It will then be worth turning to IT outsourcing companies which can provide remote support with no issues. Also, the talent pool is often extensive when compared to in-house teams’ competences.

Services in software development

Remote software development – benefits for the client

  • Savings made thanks to remote services of scalable teams (Time & Material model).
  • Access to teams experienced in the management of dispersed and distributed environments.
  • The possibility to take advantage of project management methodology (Scrum, Kanban, waterfall or hybrid).
  • Access to best practices in remote collaboration.

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IT outsourcing companies can help you to prepare for the unknown, providing the support of entire remote teams or individual specialists. They have years of experience in providing remote support, so their clients will acquire know-how on remote work along with best practices. Companies will have to learn how to manage emerging risk and prepare for the post-crisis reality of the next few years. The pandemic has shown that digital transformation helps to address emergency issues. But as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure”.

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