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Apple Device Management Solutions at Your Company

Take advantage of Apple device management solutions to grow your business, even when your company uses the Windows operating system. It will certainly remove unnecessary hurdles to your operations.

Apple Device Management Solutions

If you are determined to improve the efficiency of your business processes, make your company infrastructure more secure or be a more attractive employer for potential recruits, then the additional implementation of the macOS system and Apple devices is the solution. When you only use PCs at your company, you are missing out on a lot of advantages that the Apple environment offers, for example, a high level of flexibility in terms of customizing your experience to fit your business needs.

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Windows and macOS under one roof?

Implementing the Apple architecture in organizations which have used the Windows operating system since day one is a real dilemma which many of them face. The question is: when is the right time to take this revolutionary step? First, let’s take a look at the benefits associated with Apple architecture.

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Brand attractiveness

When organizations give employees the ability to choose the technology they will be working on, employees consistently choose Apple (72% of members choose Mac and 28% choose PC). Giving them the choice between Apple or Windows devices will improve your organization’s attractiveness in your employees’ eyes.

Fewer configuration requirements

Perhaps one of the substantial benefits associated with Apple architecture and the macOS operating system is that there are fewer configuration requirements compared to the PC environment and Windows operating system.

This is because Apple has a highly streamlined computer lineup that consists of MacBooks, iMacs, Mac mini and Mac Pro. In contrast, PC devices have different manufacturers and therefore multiple configuration requirements.

Supreme security

With PCs having a larger market share, most security attacks, such as ransomware or malware, are aimed at PC systems. Apple architecture incorporates stringent security protocols which manage access to and the usage of devices. This increases the security of your valuable data from unauthorized access and theft. But I will come back to this later.

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Stable infrastructure

Unfortunately, PCs are susceptible to random crashes, as well as peculiar issues with devices caused by compatibility problems that may occur due to the abovementioned multiple hardware manufacturers and configurations. In the worst case scenario, it may even bring about financial losses. Apple devices are known for their impeccable performance and stability, which is an attribute any business would benefit from.

Industrial Applications of Apple Device Management

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Apple for Business

Apple Device Management Services Download your copy

Owing to the benefits associated with this architecture, different organizations across multiple industries — hospitals, schools and corporations, such as IBM — have embarked on revolutionizing their processes by fully adopting the Apple device management system, resulting in the streamlining of processes and the enhancement of efficiency. Some of the applications within different sectors include:

Field Services

Having a mobile workforce is central to enhanced productivity in field-based business operations. Remote device management makes it possible to distribute pre-configured apps to the mobile workforce.

Small and Retail Businesses

With security being a top concern, the implementation of the Apple device management system can be a wise move. The system offers a secure environment through data encryption and various security mechanisms. In cases of specific use, restrictions to access can be implemented using macOS security settings. Employees get to be empowered through centralized device management which gives them access to resources as they need them.

Jamf Pro: What It Is and its Benefits

Jamf Pro is a mobile device management system specifically designed for Apple devices. Most importantly, it can be integrated with Microsoft Intune or Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), making all Mac and PC devices fully compatible with each other.

The system itself enhances operational efficiency during a device’s lifecycle, making it possible for you to work more efficiently on task development. Some of the functions to be executed by the tool include the deployment and maintenance of applications, Usage Logs which show activities as conducted by users using the various devices, and also the distribution of settings to remote devices. In the event of any security threat, the system can assist with an immediate and appropriate response, therefore safeguarding your devices and data. The benefits of this system include:

  • Flexibility. With Jamf Pro, you are in control of which applications to install on which devices. With Self–Service portal, you are at liberty to run maintenance checks whenever convenient.
  • Reliability and time-saving. Most activities such as app updates can run as background processes. These actions are executed promptly with minimal involvement on your side.
  • Confidentiality. Full audit logs are kept, showing every action conducted in the system. No data is transferred from your device, therefore the security of data is maintained.

Why Go for the Jamf Pro with JCommerce?

Implementing Apple technology at your company will definitely transform the way your employees work and how your business operations are conducted. Furthermore, the Apple device management solutions can support your organization when the devices which are in use are not being managed as required. Also, to avoid blackouts during unforeseen circumstances, you need to diversify in terms of operating systems in order to eliminate dependency — as I previously mentioned, thanks to Jamf Pro, macOS architecture is fully compatible with the Windows environment.


At JCommerce, we offer the Jamf Pro, putting state–of–the–art technology and management tools at your disposal. It is designed to simplify the usage of Apple devices for your employees, enabling you to provide a better user experience. We have a team of certified Jamf experts and Apple systems engineers ready to face any challenges.

Let us help your organization operate much more efficiently — contact us today for your Apple device management solution.

After spending a decade working with Macs and managing them for companies around the world for the last two years, he joined JCommerce to take Apple device management to the next level and bring new quality to the market. A lover of automation through scripting, readable and well–structured code and unobtrusive UX. Privately a father of three.

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