Articles | August 2, 2012

Smart board helps to increase efficiency of the company

Last year our customers’ portfolio increased significantly. As a consequence we are having more and more projects and Clients’ meetings on our premises. Thus, some improvements have been made.


To increase productivity, efficiency and quality of the meetings, we decided to install a collaboration solution from SmartTech.

SmartTech is the market leader in digital whiteboards and the first choice of Microsoft. SmartTech company defines itself as an innovative and improving the way the world works and learns. Have a look at a short promote video.

The company has implemented SMART Board interactive whiteboard systems, SMART Meeting Pro software, SMART Bridgit conferencing software and SMART USB speakers.

Smart boards

Below you will find the details of what we installed at our conference room:

–          NEC U310W Ultra Short Throw Projector

–          SMARTboard X885 + Meeting Pro

Team members and customers can write notes over any application or web page then save them in PDF or PPT files. Moreover, they can mark up files in common applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and OneNote as well as AutoCAD and Adobe Acrobat Pro. After that, they are able to save notes in the original documents. Marked-up pages, revised documents, diagrams, notes and comments can all be captured easily and e-mailed directly to all meeting participants.

This solution enables users to improve the communication and make an interactive meeting almost a real one. The conference room is equipped with five cameras which follow the participants’ voice so that the remote interlocutor can easily follow the conversation (image + voice).

Since we installed the Smart board we use it on a daily basis for our internal and remote project meetings. Presenting new ideas, analyzing problems and finding a creative solution became much easier and faster. In order to do that we design for example:

–          architecture diagrams

–          network diagrams

–          database schemas

–          UI wireframes

Our Customers told us that the interactive whiteboards helped them to break down any barriers to explore new ideas so that they felt more actively involved in the meetings. Satisfaction of Customers and better cooperation adding the understanding of their needs is what runs us.