Project management & leadership | January 9, 2020

Understand Why Managed IT Services Matter to Your Enterprise

The increase in the number of companies that want to embrace digital transformations in their functions while cutting costs has led to significant growth in the managed services industry. Today, the majority of businesses have worked with an IT managed service provider at least once since inception.

Managed It services

What are the IT managed services? These are solutions offered by managed services providers. They are focused on delivering IT support on a subscription basis, as well as a proactive assessment of IT work areas and equipment. The real magic of IT managed services is that nowadays, they often become the key to success in terms of implementing innovative, cutting-edge technologies. Under this model of cooperation, the client and the IT services provider are bound by a contract that specifies performance issues and deliverable metrics.

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Which Services Will Drive Managed Services Market?

The cloud managed services market is forecasted to reach $53.8 billion by 2022. Services that are sure to be behind this growth include data center and network management, desktop management, server management, IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change), and IT software development services. IT maintenance is yet another field playing a key role, and the number of services offered by external companies increases by the day. That said, businesses need to implement IT maintenance because it allows for better controlling costs and effective scheduling of work. Better yet, it ensures that a company complies with all regulations while also preventing failures and keeping breakdowns to a minimum.

Datacenter and network management services are expected to keep dominating the IT managed services market worldwide. This trend is mainly attributed to the rise in the number of tech-savvy people, as well as the ever-increasing demand for managed services, given the enhanced use of internet-connected devices across the planet.

Server management services hold the second-largest share of the managed services market, and IMAC services follow in third place. IMAC services are forecasted to grow with the highest CAGR due to an ever-rising demand in developing countries as companies seek to improve their IT infrastructure.

Types of IT Managed Services Offered by Outsourcing Companies

In IT management, a business can either choose to go for an in-house IT team and be ready to pay top salaries or outsource IT tasks from a managed services provider at a lower subscription fee. IT managed services companies usually offer a broad array of outsourced services to businesses and clients. Some types of services you can get from them include:

  • Computer security management and risk protection
  • IT communication
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud computing management
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Computer networking management
  • Infrastructure setup and management

When Should You Hire IT Managed Services? 

IT managed services are recommended where there is a need for continuous service. For example, you can partner with a managed service provider to implement, monitor, and maintain your IT security. Aside from risk management, it also makes sense to get managed services during the first stages of setting up a new IT system through to the maintenance phase. Many companies are moving away from physically owning and managing their resources to partnering with an external service provider to maintain their IT environment.

Other instances, it may prove worthwhile to hire managed services is when you need urgent specialized software developers and don’t have them in-house; or when IT failure or errors could mean doom for your enterprise. When deciding whether an operation needs managed services, look at factors such as industry standards, your transaction volumes, compliance requirements, and competitive differentiation.  

The Benefits of Using IT Managed Services

The advantages a company gets from using managed IT services depend on the type of services. Nonetheless, by outsourcing IT managed services, you are sure to experience some immediate benefits such as:

  • Increased efficiency 
  • Access to new software and market-leading technologies 
  • Access to experienced tech support
  • Lower risks of security breaches 
  • Better infrastructure maintenance 
  • Reduced IT and labor costs

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All that said, an enterprise has more to gain by outsourcing IT managed services than setting up its team. The latter has a lot of new ground to tread, and you can never be sure of what to expect. To implement managed services successfully, choose a good managed services provider, determine the right transition approach, and establish a long-term partnership.

She has been working in IT industry for over 13 years. In JCommerce responsible for sale of ERP and BI solutions, thereby advising clients the best solutions. Professionally and in private life interested in new technologies. She spends her spare time actively with her family.

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