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Java development outsourcing

Do you ask yourself: “How do I engage first-class Java development teams in my project?” Outsource Java development to benefit from the assistance of experienced developers or entire Java teams. Entrust your Java projects to us or hire a Java developer who will carry out tasks within a particular timeframe and planned budget.

java development outsourcing

Java outsourcing services

Experienced development teams build Java applications with due diligence in mind, ensuring the highest quality and best practices in app development. Discover the wide range of additional Java outsourcing services, competencies and business solutions, thanks to which your firm will be fully supported in the scope of software development.

What you gain thanks to Java development outsourcing?

Expert advice on the latest tools and frameworks

By outsourcing Java development, you gain access to the knowledge of Java experts and teams that use the latest technologies and tools.

At Inetum, for many years, we have been successfully developing solutions based on JVM languages such as Java, Groovy, Kotlin and Scala. We use proven frameworks and tools that allow us to create a high-quality final product.

Agile Approach

Thanks to the Agile approach (Scrum, Safe, DaD, Kanban) and the support of Scrum Masters, Java development projects are oriented towards maximum efficiency and taking advantage of 100% of the communication skills of Java developers and teams.

We uphold the principles of agile project implementation and promote the role of Agile as well as using the latest tools facilitating progress monitoring (Jira, Atlassian tools).

Java applications of all types

As part of Java software development projects, teams deliver all types of Java solutions:

  • web apps,
  • custom applications,
  • mobile apps,
  • and all kinds of enterprise applications.

Our Java team can also undertake Java migration projects, according to the needs of the customer.

Wide range of Java development services

You can either get support for your in-house team, build a dedicated team or complement your existing team. This is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing Java developers and IT professionals.

Proven approaches and technologies

You can benefit from continuous integration approaches (DevOps) and various technologies that allow development teams to achieve maximum efficiency.

At Inetum, we aim to facilitate the management and maintenance of our products, which is why we focus on microservices architecture and solutions such as Service Mesh, Docker or Kubernetes.

Flexibility and a mature development process

You gain more flexibility. Not only thanks to the Agile approach – there are so many options to choose from!

We are flexible – if the client wants to use a different approach to develop a project, we also offer Waterfall methodologies or a hybrid approach.

Java development outsourcing support tailored to your needs

Java development company can offer the support of Java developers at all skill levels: senior, regular and junior. Regardless of whether you need permanent or temporary support, our Front-End and Back-End developers or DevOps specialists will support your project with their knowledge and competences in the scope and time that you need.

Only tested solutions

Quality is a priority in all projects concerning mobile development, web applications development and many others.

For example, our Java teams and developers are supported by Quality Assurance engineers and certified software testers. We use programming patterns such as BDD, TDD, DDD or Pair Programming to provide high-quality software.

Software development outsourcing with the best dedicated Java developers and teams

Cooperation with Java development company gives you access to competences and experience of the best Java specialists on the market, without necessity of paying for time-consuming recruitment process.

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Why companies choose Java solutions?

Java is object-oriented

Java allows for the creation of easily maintainable module programs that can be reused in the future.

Active community

The active community of Java users, as well as a wide range of open and free-of-charge sources, allows for the swift creation of secure solutions. All of this without additional costs related to software development.


Java is one of the most secure programming languages thanks to its reliable, integrated security functionalities.


Java applications are able to process multiple tasks simultaneously. This is why the technology can be successfully used to build an application for capturing and processing data, as well as analyzing it.

Areas of specialization in Java development outsourcing

  • mobile development
  • web applications development
  • enterprise software
  • custom applications
  • java migration projects

Superb quality software development services

How to choose an IT partner? What makes it stand out?

Years of experience in Java development services

Choose a partner for whom programming is more than just writing code and is actively engaged in Java community events.

The best Java developers are appreciated by clients

The high-quality Java development outsourcing services provided by development teams receive rave reviews from global clients on the reference portals.

Inetum has earned a lofty position in the rankings, gaining the trust of other companies developing their digital platforms, websites and mobile applications.

Involvement in the Java community

Our developers run mentoring and internship programs for beginner programmers sharing their Java development expertise. We help them to spread their wings as part of the original program. “The best of the best” are offered longer-term cooperation.

Their Java developers create self-designed solutions

Hire Java developers that create pioneering solutions used by large enterprises.

We take part in greenfield projects for E-commerce, FinTech, HealthTech, IT Consulting and other industries! We have the knowledge and competences that allow us to design a digital product or functionality from scratch, and then develop, monitor and maintain it on our own.

They are independent and flexible 

Thanks to their vast experience and access to the latest tools, the best Java developers act independently and are able to offer the client’s teams frameworks, solutions and libraries tailored to their current needs.

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Typical usage of Java programming language

Android is a Java-based platform, which makes Java one of the most commonly used programming languages, allowing for the development of mobile applications. Moreover, Java frameworks, such as FX and Swing, are used to create graphical interfaces in desktop applications. Java is also used while creating websites, wherein popular frameworks are Spring Boot (including Spring MVC) and JSF.

Spring Data Repository is used in order to develop the back-end of an application. It facilitates access to data gathered in both SQL and non-SQL databases. There is a wide range of available Java programming tools facilitating and expediting project development – including integrated programming tools (such as: IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse), software development automation tools (Maven, Gradle), continuous integration tools (i.e. Jenkins and Bamboo) or version control systems, i.e. Git or SVN.

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