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Main Trends in Software Development in 2020 – how to grow?

Last year, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality,
virtual reality, and machine learning were some of the tech trends that steered growth in software development companies. In 2020 and beyond, we can count on the new technologies to continue impacting this growth.


Staying abreast of emerging trends in software development will go a long way in ensuring that a business organization survives the cutthroat competition in the information technology sector. One of the proven ways a firm can access the latest technology solutions that can help to grow its reach and operations is leveraging the services of reliable software outsourcing companies. 

The Main Trends in Software Development in 2020

Even without examining the world of software development in depth, one can take note of the significant, disrupting tech trends in the field. However, these trends have not appeared all of a sudden. Thus, developers need to settle on the set of technologies that will result in the greatest growth in the company. Below, you can read about some notable trends in the software development industry.


IoT entails wide categories of devices that are connected through the web. This technology is particularly in demand in the safety and CX fields. Other promising trends include Progressive Web Apps, cloud computing, and 5G data networks. The Internet of Things has a big impact on the HealthCare industry wherein innovative mobile technologies are used for remote health monitoring. Today, such devices like brain sensors, fitness wearables and sleep monitoring devices are in common use.


Deploying AI-based solutions in the organizational processes is quite expensive. As such, many businesses continue to access AI through providers of as-a-service platforms. This way, firms can input data and pay for corresponding algorithms or compute resources as they utilize them. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are among the pioneers of delivering AI-as-a-service solutions. 


It is the utilization of innovating techs, mostly but not limited to AI and ML, to automate operations and support human resources. This approach leads to the development of a digital twin of the organization (DTO), enabling businesses to visualize how the strategy and operational processes correlate, what the major performance targets are, and how it is possible to manage the value even better.


Multi-experience has replaced technology-literate approaches with people-literate ones. The standard methods progress from one-point interactions to multi-sensory and multi-touchpoint device operations, with the smart electronic devices and advanced sensors.

What Outsourcing Software Development Companies Can Offer?

By working with outsourcing software development companies, i.e. in the nearshoring model, businesses can access the latest technology solutions that can assist in the growth of revenue and the optimization of the operations.

Moreover, outsourcing firms offer software development organizations access to in-demand talents, as well as unique and otherwise inaccessible competences if businesses were to rely on local expertise. The latter is particularly true since, according to Statista, several IT fractions suffer from significant skills shortages. 

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The Main Benefits of Outsourcing Software Development 

Why should a company outsource software development to an external company?

Here are some advantages to this approach:

  • Time savings because an organization does not have to go through lengthy recruitment and employee training processes before embarking on a project.
  • Flexibility since one has the freedom to choose, retain, or replace an outsourcing partner.
  • A more focused approach to a project since a team works on a single responsibility at a time. An in-house team might be forced to tackle several office duties at any one time.
  • A shorter time to market since a company can launch a product way faster.
  • Cost savings since companies cut on hiring expenses.

Verdict: Why Companies Need to Invest in Outsourcing to Grow

This outsourcing approach allows for low-cost software development and offers access to seasoned professionals. The latter is especially useful if there is no qualified talent locally. Therefore, the top-rated expertise, allow an organization to grow its operations, staying ahead of today’s competitive IT environment.

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