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How to protect your mobile devices? Explore Jamf’s Mobile Threat Defense solutions

Protecting both computers and mobile devices, including those using iOS, is an absolute must in the era of the digital workforce. The demand for Apple solutions in business is growing and requires dedicated endpoint security, including iPhones and iPads. Today, more than 50% of all internet traffic is on mobile devices. The solutions built into Jamf Protect offer you an extra layer of protection for Apple mobile devices. Read on to see how!

Mobile Threat Defence

Are Apple devices still safe?

According to the latest data, there are currently 2 billion active Apple devices worldwide. With the increasing popularity of computers and mobile devices in business, the amount of malware targeting them is growing. There are also various types of phishing threats, viruses, and spyware, a nefarious trend to which Apple devices are by no means immune. In principle, they are safe due to the many layers of protection provided by Apple, but we should not underestimate the risks. The more threats there are, the greater the risk of losing data, money, image and trust.

Mobile devices targeted by hackers

In recent years, hackers have targeted mobile devices in particular. According to a report by the Global State of Mobile Phishing published on March 1, 2023, there were a record number of mobile phishing cases in 2022. In every quarter of 2022, more than 30% of users of private and business devices were exposed to such attacks.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions

If you use a company iPhone, it is worth considering what extra protective measures your organization provides in addition to the manufacturer’s default security.

A corporate device is a tasty morsel for hackers because of the data they can access with it. For this reason, companies opt for dedicated MDM class solutions for macOS and iOS to provide even better protection. Great equipment is not the be-all and end-all, as you also need an efficient and reliable management system. Here we can find two concepts that often go hand-in-hand:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a platform for managing all functionalities of the device. It allows IT administrators to control the device and its security.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is a set of services and technologies aimed at securing corporate data on employees’ mobile devices.

What solution should I choose for mobile devices?

Even with just a couple of Apple devices in the company it is worth investing in a management tool. The IT department will be able to supervise the devices, and employees will be able to use them with ease. Among the many solutions available on the market, the largest community of administrators uses the solutions offered by Jamf, which is an official Apple partner. Let’s take a look at solution providers before I describe the capabilities of Mobile Threat Defense solutions in more detail.

Jamf Pro 

Jamf Pro is a dedicated solution for the Apple ecosystem. It provides full support and options to manage the latest versions of iOS and macOS operating systems. It is also the highest-rated and most frequently chosen EMM solution, which facilitates the creation of a single, digital workplace.

case study Jamf Fintech cover EN


Jamf Pro implementation for a global FinTech

  Find out how Inetum's specialists supported the project. Read the client's story!

Jamf Protect for the protection of mobile devices and more

This tool was created with the security of Apple devices in mind. Until recently it offered protection only for macOS computers, but currently it is also available for mobile devices.

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Protection of Mobile Devices. What is Mobile Threat Defense?

Mobile threat management is a term describing the available forms of threat prevention. The most common term in this regard is Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), which refers to solutions used to minimize security threats to users and data lurking on private and business mobile devices. Jamf offers Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect, which includes Zero Trust Network Accesses – a next-generation VPN. These are extensive tools that allow you to manage the flow of network data, data roaming and to impose restrictions on specific Internet resources.

Security thanks to Mobile Threat Defense solutions provided by Jamf Protect

Someone may ask, “Why would I need a solution like Jamf Protect for mobile devices if my company already uses Jamf Pro?” By detecting threats and preventing zero-day phishing, Jamf Protect secures mobile endpoints against hacking and malware attacks. Jamf Pro, in turn, is a tool for device management, which in the context of security is of great importance. Using Jamf Pro, we distribute software and create the policies and standards which our devices have to measure up to. We need to bear in mind that having an up-to-date operating system and the latest versions of the applications on your device are also an important element of security.

The application sends threat notifications to administrators and allows them to implement countermeasures before the attack. This is due to several features listed below.

Key features of a Mobile Threat Defense solution such as Jamf Protect

  • Advanced Machine Learning and MI: RAM threat analysis engine. Identifies new threats and prevents them. Machine Learning is not just a buzzword, but a helpful technology that improves security.
  • Network protection – blocking zero-day attacks (such as phishing and malicious domains) in real time before it affects the operation and security of your device. MTD blocks attacks using network security. Content protection blocks malicious websites, including never-seen-before zero-day phishing sites designed to capture business credentials. Moreover, the Mobile Threat Defense features prevent data control and exfiltration (data theft) by blocking connection with dangerous sites. Connections are automatically secured when so-called “man-in-the-middle attacks” are detected.
  • Real-time security insight – using dashboards, Apple administrators manage risk in real time. They can easily and quickly set up automated rules to minimize the risk of an attack. These solutions continuously assess risk, enabling organizations to quickly identify devices that are not secured in accordance with the accepted standards.
  • Integration Capability — Companies willing to maximize their security investment can use the Jamf Risk API to communicate threat information to other Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEM).
  • User privacy – MTD solutions enable encryption and protection against phishing of personal data in accordance with legal requirements.
  • Device protection in the BYOD model – it doesn’t matter if the employee uses their private devices (BYOD model) or company ones. Isolating private and corporate data with Jamf Pro solutions is a very important aspect of security. It gives us a guarantee that the content of business emails and important data will not be copied and stored in private data (and vice versa).

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Is it worth deciding on additional protection for mobile devices?

Of course, especially since this is a solution available in some packages with other Jamf solutions. But it is worth bearing in mind that it is a powerful tool supporting the security of other systems and is independent of Jamf Pro solutions.

A wide range of applications

Jamf solutions can be used successfully on operating systems other than macOS and iOS. Our experience shows that customers often work in mixed environments, including macOS, iOS, Android or Windows operating systems. Using one tool to protect iOS and Android devices brings tangible benefits not only for business, but also for security departments.

Mobile Threat Defense
The Jamf safety circle, which consists of all components: management, secure access and protection against threats.


Jamf Protect is an advanced security guard against attacks that target mobile devices. Mobile Threat Defense is an example of professional software used to protect mobile devices. The Jamf solution is universal since it can protect mixed environments. It can be supported by the best MDM solutions and combined with other Jamf security products.

Robert has been involved in B2B sales for over 20 years – helping clients to choose professional services and training. Enthusiast of agile approach in sales and business development. At Inetum, he is responsible for the development of Apple Device Management Services in CEE and EMEA. Privately, he is interested in crime novels, and motorcycle tourism.

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