Technologies | February 20, 2018

The Most Popular Mobile Technology Trends

It goes without saying that modern technologies are developing at a breathtaking pace, especially if we are talking about mobile technology. The question arises: what innovations will appear in 2018?


What to Expect in 2018

As we all know, each new year always brings some changes. They are also inevitable in the mobile tech world as it is growing and developing rapidly. Advanced technologies become a crucial part of many businesses and make it better, more efficient, help create a unique brand, build sustainable relations with clients and achieve the highest customer satisfaction. So now it is impossible to imagine a successful company without it. Therefore, it is something you should be aware of and learn.

The Latest Tendencies in Mobile Technologies

These mobile trends can be implemented in diverse business opportunities and will undoubtedly impact the world and our society in general. Here is what you should expect:

  • The Internet of things, or just IoT, enjoys a growing popularity today. But this smart technology can become more useful with the help of blockchain. It was initially created for bitcoin transactions with minimum risks of hacks and breaches. However, the capabilities of blockchain are limitless. In combination with IoT, users can get a way to a smarter and safer work environment, simplified and cost-efficient business processes and improved customer experience.
  • 5G is coming soon. All users will have a connection to the Internet at lightning speed up to 4 GB/sec, which is 60 times faster than 4G. The global access is expected by 2020, but AT&T and Verizon are already planning to implement it in the USA sometime 2018.
  • Machine learning starts experiencing its boom. The ML platform is designed to perform diverse functions that include tracking objects, detecting texts and image recognition. In 2018, we should expect developers to incorporate ML into the majority of apps.
  • According to the latest statistical data, 57% of the time that people devote to digital media is spent in applications, and this figure is expected to increase. This growing demand for more applications gives mobile developers an opportunity to come up with some innovative apps that will facilitate our personal and professional lives.

The Importance of IT Support for Mobile Development Industry

More and more companies and small businesses adopt mobile apps and technologies. They understand its growing influence and try to keep up with the times. However, adoption and, most importantly, technical support require some additional human resources. Experienced software development professionals and an in-house support team with excellent knowledge of progressive technologies are not available for all companies and businesses.

The best cost-efficient technical support solution for developing companies is IT outsourcing services. External tech partner, like JCommerce and its software developers, will take care of your project, and you will be able to channel your efforts to further project advancement. IT professionals will apply vast industry knowledge with diverse mobile projects to provide the efficient functioning of all applications as well as appropriately address eventual tech-related problems.

Following the latest technology and mobile trends is imperative for successful business development. Augmented tech adoption can take your business to the next level, but it’s highly advisable to take care of appropriate IT support. Don’t miss the chance to stand out among competitors.

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