Technologies | May 13, 2020

Remote work: keep your Mac devices secure

More and more employees are using Macs to work from home, which of course brings with it the need to implement additional security for these devices. Mac devices are considered the safest, but if used carelessly, they can be targeted for attacks. How to protect macOS devices during remote work? How to ensure security and avoid the unpleasant consequences of cybercriminals’ attacks?

Remote work: keep your Mac devices secure

Mac devices and the ‘home office’

For many people, the term ‘home office’ is synonymous with comfort and security. Employees feel safe at home and can make use of resources on the Internet that they would not have access to via the corporate network. This means that merely checking your private email or allowing your child to play online is enough for malicious software (malware or adware) to show up on your computer. For IT administrators, the home office is not synonymous with security – quite the opposite. For security teams, it is an additional challenge: detect the threat as soon as possible and react. It is widely accepted that Mac devices are secure, but cybercriminals never sleep, especially now that remote work has become standard.

Are Mac devices still safe?

Just a few years ago, Macs were a less common target for cybercriminals than devices running on the Windows operating system. However, the situation changed in 2019. According to the “State of Malware” report, the number of confirmed attacks on macOS devices was higher when compared to Windows for the first time ever, and increased by 400% compared to 2018. Mac devices fulfil the highest security standards, but it is worth remembering that every device is only as safe as the user allows it to be. For Macs, the built-in XProtect anti-virus program and the Malware Removal Tool successfully fight off malware attacks. However, users can still – whether consciously or not – let cybercriminals in by installing adware or PUPs.

For example, adware called NewTab was detected 30 million times on Mac devices last year. Apple is constantly updating XProtect with new definitions, and dedicated remote administration software further strengthens these mechanisms by reporting undesirable activities on an ongoing basis. Many enterprises use tools such as Jamf Pro to remotely manage the company’s infrastructure. Also in the field of cybersecurity, it is worth providing dedicated solutions that are an additional weapon for Apple administrators and security departments.

Jamf Protect… and you feel at home

A new solution from Jamf, which provides MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions for Apple devices, comes in handy. Jamf Protect is based on solutions embedded in the macOS operating system, such as the Endpoint Security Framework, and allows you to analyze system events. The tool uses advanced telemetry and detection mechanisms, thanks to which it allows administrators to control the state of computers, regardless of where they are. Therefore, it also works well for remote employee device management. The potential of Jamf Protect is even greater because it allows IT administrators to design and implement their own methods of analyzing and triggering alerts for potentially dangerous events.

Jamf Protect – the possibilities

Apple administrators eagerly use Jamf Pro to manage IT infrastructure. Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect can detect danger and undertake non-contact repairing actions. Both tools integrate with each other, so there is no need to log in to Jamf Pro separately.

Here are the most important opportunities that Jamf Protect offers administrators:

  • Real-time alerts about any undesired activities,
  • Supervision of device activity,
  • Event export to SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems,
  • Proactive blocking of known malicious applications,
  • Cutting off the device from the company’s critical sources,
  • Reporting on malicious files deleted on the device (MRT),
  • Inspection of files downloaded from the Internet.

Jamf Protect – the most important advantages

  • Zero-day support for new operating systems,
  • Integration with the Jamf Pro system,
  • Lite software that does not load the operating system,
  • Minimal end-user involvement,
  • Possibility of using it together with various MDM solutions

Who is Jamf Protect for?

The market share of Mac devices is growing, and so is the demand for dedicated solutions that will provide companies with the highest security standards, including CIS Benchmark certification. CIS sets best practices for organizations and device configuration standards, and Jamf Protect protects them (verifies that the device meets them). Jamf Protect will work in any company where infrastructure security is key. Efficiency of implementation and security are particularly important in the case of banks, fintech organizations or startups. For the financial sector, cybersecurity is a strategic area, which is why companies in the industry are increasingly investing in the development of solutions ensuring continuity and network security. Companies from the financial industry that use Mac devices should consider using dedicated solutions such as Jamf Protect. Jamf Protect is the perfect solution for any company, regardless of the sector, which already uses MDM software (including software other than Jamf Pro).

How to start using Jamf Protect?

You can familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the Jamf Protect system by contacting Inetum, which is currently the only solution provider in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and which also has a team of Jamf certified integrators with the highest-level expert certificate: Jamf 400. Inetum engineers have the necessary experience and competences to undertake even the most demanding implementations, including for companies from the financial sector.

Check how we can help: Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution

As a Apple systems engineer and certified Jamf Pro Expert, he helps organizations with the adaptation and implementation of Apple devices on a large scale. The experience he has gained allows him to provide innovative solutions. In his spare-time, he gets his adrenaline rush on the karting track.

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