Technologies | September 2, 2020

What will the combined forces of IIoT and 5G bring?

41 billion devices connected to the network by 2025, the increasing importance of mobile devices and reduced levels of human involvement – the forecasts for the Industrial Internet of Things are positive, in spite of, or maybe thanks to, the pandemic. The expectations related to the 5G network in Industry 4.0 are also great. What opportunities will the next-generation network offer to industrial companies?

What will the combined forces of IIoT and 5G bring?

The growing importance of IoT

Before the pandemic, three-quarters of companies planned to implement Internet of Things solutions, which had become an integral part of the Digital Transformation of enterprises. According to IDC analysts, spending on IoT in 2020 in Europe will reach $180 billion. Given that the pandemic has proven to be an effective brake on investments, it is not a big amount. Next year, however, companies will move to a higher gear, and investments in IoT solutions are expected to achieve double-digit growth. It is forecasted that expenditure will reach $278 billion in 2024. The possibilities offered by the 5G network are also important.

5G network – the most important figures

In the context of 5G, there are still many doubts when it comes to the privacy of devices, data, location and users and their identity, as well as the security of the network. The mass implementation of 5G itself arouses a lot of emotions, although commercial implementation in Poland has already taken place.

5G not only stirs emotions, but also raises expectations, and the possibilities of the next-generation network and how it can affect economic development are widely discussed. The 5G network means greater possibilities in terms of the number of connected devices, as well as data transfer, with the use of less energy.

  • 1000 times more devices connected to the network, even 1 million devices per sq km),
  • Up to 20 times faster data transfer (up to 10 GB / s for sending and up to 20 GB / s for downloading data),
  • Up to 10 times lower data transfer delay (up to 1 millisecond),
  • Reliability of 99.999%.

Data for everyone. IoT fields that use 5G

United Nations predictions are that almost 70% of people will live in cities by 2050. Therefore, IoT solutions, such as Intelligent Transport Systems, intelligent lighting, pollution monitoring and  as shown by the events of 2020  the role of systems for monitoring social interactions will be increasingly important.

Logistics, public administration and medicine (e.g. remote consultations, solutions for medical emergency services and telemedicine) are becoming increasingly “smart”. Also, sectors such as environmental protection and agriculture already use Internet of Things solutions that allow people to analyse data on atmospheric phenomena in real time and plan their activities accordingly.

5G capabilities in the IIoT

For a long time now, the words “smart” and “factory” have formed a harmonious duo, and Industry 4.0 is an area where the role of humans in the process is declining. Quite the opposite, in fact, when it comes to the use of smart industry solutions. IIoT (the Industrial Internet of Things) is an aspect that is particularly worth looking at in the context of the potential of the 5G network. The European Commission forecasts an 11% increase in the manufacturing industry, and according to the Accenture report, thanks to the implementation of the 5G network, Poland’s GDP is to increase by 1.2%, i.e. PLN 63.2 billion by 2028. No wonder that expectations for the possibilities that are to be offered by the combined forces of both technologies are growing. 5G in the industrial IoT may allow for:

  • Better implementation of the Smart Factory concept and further dynamic development of Industry 4.0,
  • More efficient M2M (Machine to Machine) and V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) communication,
  • Savings on and acceleration of production processes,
  • Better productivity thanks to fast data transfer and shorter waiting times,
  • Better personalization of manufacturing thanks to the quick production of fewer items for specific clients,
  • Improved digitization of the supply chain – using the potential of autonomous machines, robotization and Artificial Intelligence,
  • Increased resilience of companies, managed remotely with the use of intelligent interconnected devices.


New technologies have always aroused emotions. Regardless of whether they turned out to be buzzwords or became the motor of change, they have always stimulated imagination and provoked discussions: about doubts, challenges, but also opportunities. If you are also considering the possibility of change in your company, let’s talk and think together about the options offered by Industry 4.0.

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