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The 5 Steps to Hire a .NET Developer Team Using An External Partner

To get ahead in business, you need to be fast, agile, and innovative. And as the world becomes increasingly digital, your IT solutions will help you do that. Get them wrong, and you’ll find yourself falling behind your competition.

The 5 Steps to Hire a .NET Developer Team Using An External Partner

The .NET application framework is a super popular tech stack from Microsoft that’s perfect for those looking for a competitive edge. That’s because .NET is a programming language that’s stable, versatile, and scales seamlessly, especially in the cloud. But like all software development languages, you need highly skilled software developers to help you unlock the power of .NET.

At Inetum, we partner with organizations across the globe to build expert .NET programmer teams. Our solutions are flexible and scalable and can be tailored to help you achieve your business and project objectives. So, if you’re thinking of using .NET to take your business to the next level, here are the steps you need to take with us as your external customer partner.

#1 – Define Your Technology & Application Objectives

Before thinking about how to build a .NET team, you need to be clear on your goals and milestones. Setting this foundation helps to scope out exactly what needs to be done by when and gives you a clear picture of the long-term benefits your project will deliver.

Consider these questions to help you clearly understand your software development objectives.

  • Is this a new or existing software requirement?
  • What is this application designed to do? What value does it bring to your business?
  • Will it be a locally-hosted or cloud-hosted web application solution?
  • What’s your budget for this application?
  • When will this development need to be completed?
  • Is this a simple or complex development? What level of software engineer / software developer will you need? What are your expectations in terms of team composition?
  • Will the application only use .NET, or will there be another programming language or tech stack too?

Answering these questions will help you clearly understand what you need from a software solution and set the foundation as you begin to plan your team.

#2 – In-House vs. Outsourced – How to Hire a .NET Engineer?

With your application development requirements set, it’s time to think about how you will source the team required to deliver them. There’s a chance you may have some internal .NET or ASP.NET skills already. If so, that’s great, and you can begin planning how to deliver your project. But the chances are that if you’re reading this article, you don’t have that knowledge in-house.

If this is the case, you’re in the perfect position to take advantage of an external partner’s support. With the .NET and ASP.NET such specialist, cross-platform skillsets, organizations see a range of benefits by engaging with an expert outsourcing partner to deliver their end-to-end .NET software team.

If your software project is a short to medium-term endeavor, outsourcing becomes even more attractive, as you benefit from fast onboarding of expert resources while still maintaining flexibility on cost – something you won’t achieve with internal recruitment!

nearshore 2022.12.01 cover


From analysis and design to deployment and maintenance, we ensure top-quality results tailored to your unique needs. Explore our services today!

#3 – Collaborate With Us On Your .NET Development Team Requirement

Once you’re sure that an external resourcing partner is the way to go, we’ll work collaboratively with you to discuss your requirement and plan the best solution. To do this, we’ll ask you a range of questions to determine:

  • The right size and structure for your .NET application development team
  • The typical responsibilities you need a .NET developer to perform
  • Any .NET specialties required such as Cloud, Mobile, SQL, API, ASP.NET web, or Cross-Platform Integration.
  • The right blend of senior .NET developers, mid-career engineers, and .NET Technical Solution Managers
  • Any technical pre-requisites such as .NET code best practices, the need for a .NET PowerShell, or a development environment
  • Latest insights and trends from the .NET community.

Our aim here is to ensure understand every aspect of your project so that our .NET web development team can integrate seamlessly into your business. To do this, we consider everything from how many .NET developers you’ll need through to ways of working, what additional roles are necessary for your project (e.g. Business Analysts, Software Tester, DevOps), and software tools.

#4 – We Build an Awesome .NET Programming Capability Together

With everything agreed, the Inetum end-to-end .NET model fully kicks in. Upon your confirmation, we’ll provide you with a bespoke, fully dedicated team of .NET experts within 6 weeks – that’s the Inetum partner guarantee.

We do all the heavy lifting from here, giving you peace of mind while taking away the burden. Specifically, this delivers the following benefits for you:

  • No need to recruit any .NET developers as we act as the recruiter to help you hire dedicated resources for your business.
  • We manage every aspect of the .NET developer’s roles and responsibilities.
  • We manage all the developer’s administration, including salary, personal development, and performance.
  • We help developers through the onboarding process, helping them integrate into your business straight away.
  • We equip all .NET engineers with the required hardware (HP workstations, two monitors, and software licenses.)

Our technical skills

By default, we build a 6-person .NET team, made up of 1 Team Leader, 2 Senior .NET Engineers, and 3 regular .NET Developers. Unique to our .NET offering, all our developers, also receive support and guidance from our two experts .NET Technical Solution Managers, each with enterprise-level experience in implementing world-class solutions using .NET.

This structure gives you an optimal blend of professional .NET expertise while balancing cost and performance. During our recruitment and onboarding process, all developers, no matter their level, must complete a live coding assessment written in .NET, so you know you’re getting a team with the technical skills required to deliver your solution.

Our developers build .NET solutions under the supervision of an Inetum Project Manager, who’s also responsible for coaching, personal development, and issues management. Our Project Managers interface directly with our customers ensuring the best results from the first moment of our collaboration.

To complete our expert .NET team, all we ask from the partner side is for someone to assume the role of Product Owner to provide details of the project and set milestones for tasks and workload. This ensures you’re always in control of the project, providing us with must-know information to deliver the best results.

All of this is billed on a T&M basis with prices fixed for 12 months. Of course, if you need a larger or more bespoke resourcing solution, this can be discussed separately.

And remember, at Inetum, we aren’t just .NET experts, we also offer services across a range of platforms, including:

  • Javascript,
  • Python (BI),
  • node.js,
  • Angular,
  • React.
. net - find your ideal software development provider

So if your project is multi-faceted, we have an external partner solution for you there as well.

#5 – Learn, Grow, and Build Expertise Together

Once everyone is onboarded, we manage your dedicated .NET team day-to-day, ensuring the quality of the .NET programming and the delivery of your project against our agreed milestones. This is a collaborative way of working at all times, designed to maximize productivity, teamwork, and return on investment.

As we partner together, we’ll always work to enhance your application’s performance, delivering improvements to the development process while leveraging all parts of the wider web-based .NET framework where required. The skills and experience of our experts at Inetum will give you the comfort that you’re in the best hands from day one.

In the rare instance you’re unhappy with a member of the .NET team, both you as the partner and Inetum have the right to exchange an engineer with a 1-month notice period.

Looking to Hire .NET Developers for Your Team? Partner with Inetum!

The Microsoft .NET technology framework is one of the best platforms for building stable, versatile, and scalable digital solutions. Especially popular for those looking to migrate their technology into the cloud,.NET’s scalability makes it a great option for everything from mobile app development to backend and desktop server hosting.

But, expert .NET developers are hard to come by, especially if you’re seeking specialist knowledge. That’s why we created the Inetum partner solution, helping you deliver your .NET projects with an expert team of developers that are managed remotely by a leading software organization.

Our 6-week end-to-end offer means you can build an entire .NET team with ease, leaning on us to provide the world’s best remote developers exactly when you need them.

Bonus – Frequently Asked Questions

#1 – Is it dot net or .NET?

Many people confuse .NET with the full spelling of dot net, referring to a dot net developer or simply net development. While most people will understand what you mean, it’s worth knowing that .NET is the correct term. You can learn about .NET on Microsoft’s website here.

#2 – What is .NET typically used for?

If you jump to the Microsoft website, you’ll see many different use cases for the .NET developer framework. Businesses use NET developers to create anything from web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps through to microservices, and even back-end platforms on the cloud.

To achieve this, businesses hire developers with a range of .NET experience, including net core, core,, Azure, and WPF. If you’re on the hunt to hire a .NET programmer, make sure you know exactly what you plan to use the framework for, so you can hire the correct skill sets for your development project.

writing net software using net framework

#3 – What makes a great .NET developer?

Tech companies are always looking for developers who know how to use .NET. But a truly great .NET developer has a range of other skills too. They need to be able to code efficiently in other languages such as C, as well as have a broad knowledge of how application run, both in the web-based services world and for everyday desktop software.

But one of the most important things actually lies on the non-technical side, as the best developers must have excellent communication skills to prove they can work well with team members to get the job done.

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