Articles | May 28, 2020

Poland Rules in Reports!

The results of international reports on the global IT market clearly show that the Polish IT industry has a reason to smile. They are also a helpful pointer for investors searching for the best places to do business in 2020.


IT outsourcing – why Poland?

For several years now, Poland has been one of the most attractive markets for foreign direct investment and a leader in terms of the number of new jobs created. What are the reasons behind the level of investor interest in Poland?

CEOWORLD: Potential of the Polish market

According to the CEOWORLD analysts, this year Poland is ranked 3rd in the world after Singapore and the United Kingdom. The analysis ranks 80 countries in terms of their investment potential. The study emphasizes the high potential of the Polish market.  

Poland among the best countries for investors

EF EPI: Excellent language skills

According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Poles have the best English skills in Central-Eastern Europe. We are ranked 11th in English proficiency worldwide, and our good command of the English language is a real competitive advantage in terms of attracting investors to Poland.

High Global Services Location Index (GSLI)

The Global Services Location Index consists of components as such financial attractiveness, people skills and availability, business environment and digital resonance. According to the 2019 Kearney Report which gives an overview of the outsourcing services landscape, Poland is still among the top 10 most attractive locations in Europe.

Outsourcing Destination Guide: A center of emerging technologies

As the main technological trends, like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, RPA and Internet of Things, are increasing in importance, Poland is becoming an important player on the market. As described in the “Outsourcing Destination Guide”, skilled developers, experience and the ability to overcome crises make Polish companies the right choice for the outsourcing of software development.

Michal Soja
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