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Custom Telecom Software Development Services Provider for Telecommunications Industry

Our experienced team of software developers has taken on a range of software projects for the telecom industry with great success. We are an expert development team ready to undertake both back-end and front-end of telecom applications and data analysis projects. As experienced telecom software outsourcing company with many years of experience and a number of telecommunications projects carried out already, we are one of the best outsourcing software development companies for the job.

Our Software Development Teams Provide Mobile Applications and Custom Software

JCommerce is a software development company experienced in telecom, e-commerce, HealthTech, FinTech as well as banking projects. We support the business development of our clients by creating and developing best-in-class solutions. We have gained design experience by working with international leaders in the telecommunications industry.

Discover the Solutions That Drive the Development of the Telecom Industry

We have vast experience in providing telecom software development services such as Business Intelligence and Custom Software Development.

Infrastructure for New Technologies

Building additional infrastructure and the demand for the newest 5G network will only increase.

Connected Ecosystem

Internet of Things (IoT) will provide the opportunity to transform the network to a faster one and include the likes of smart homes, cars and cities. It will certainly gather a previously unimaginable volume of data thanks to the increase in speed from 5G and 4G.


In the era of the rapidly developing Internet network, customers of telecommunications companies require more advanced protection of their personal data.

Cloud Computing

Telecom providers can deliver IT services of a higher level of quality at a lower cost, thanks to subscription plans with cloud-based solutions. The main advantage of this solution is access to the cloud from any place which is connected to the Internet.

Large Amounts of Data

Big Data is highly challenging for companies in the telecom sector, because they have to develop their own data infrastructure to handle all the information that has been collected.


5th generation wireless technology is an extension of the 4G / LTE / LTE-Advanced network. Over time, it will completely take over its role. The 5G network is ten times faster than its 4G and will support the automotive and retail industry, home security, smart homes and IoT in general to a large degree.

Lead Generation

To generate high quality sales leads, telecom providers have to contact potential clients using a number of channels at the same time. Cross-selling is a key to success. The best and most profitable results come from newsletter campaigns, social media activities, SMS communication and telemarketing. Video streaming telecom providers have to adapt their TV and Internet video channel services to be flexible for users. Video streaming, Video-On-Demand, TV Everywhere (TVE) and multi-screens (like Netflix) or on-demand mobile TV and download-to-mobile are becoming more popular every day.

Telecom Software Outsourcing

Contact us and learn more about the success stories of our development team in telecom software solutions projects.

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