A pioneering solution by JCommerce’s Java developers supports the development of one of the leading
e-commerce brands

One of the world’s top brands in the e-commerce sector is improving its online retail platform which is used by millions of customers, and the website itself hosts tens of millions of offers. The project involves a team of Front-End, Back-End and QA developers from JCommerce, who are developing key functionalities facilitating the management of offers on a mass scale.

Country: Poland
Year: October 2019 - ongoing
Team size: 7 (Front-End, Back-End Developers and Automating QA, Team Leader)
Technologies: Kotlin, Groovy (Spock), Spring, Gradle, Mongo, Kafka (Avro), Hermes, React, S3 
e-commerce software development

Client’s needs

Our client is one of the top brands in the e-commerce industry, and its services are used by millions of users. As the client opens up to new foreign markets, they need technological solutions which will facilitate the addition of multiple offers at the same time, managing data from different sources and adding internationalized information to the system.


Our client from the e-commerce industry needed the support of iOS and Android teams to develop their mobile application.

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Challenges in the project

  • Enabling merchants to import a large number of offers to the website
  • Unifying data from merchants’ sources and adapting to the needs of various clients
  • Adjusting the way that offers are displayed in different languages on the interface and enabling the processing of personal data from different countries
  • Working with large amounts of data from various sources

Scope of work

The project involves a JCommerce team with the necessary competences in the area of software development, DevOps and test automation. In order to meet the client’s needs, the team:

  • created the engine for mass operations. Currently, it handles 1 million offers a day, and ultimately that figure may rise to 70 million operations on the e-commerce platform a day. 
  • is working on a solution which will make it possible to create offers on the platform based on flat files (CSV, XLS), external integrators, such as CRM and ERP systems, and other services providing API and UI. To address this challenge, Machine Learning mechanisms will be ultimately used in the project to automate the translation / conversion of various e-commerce taxonomies. Currently, for this purpose, the JCommerce team is using a self-designed architecture solution.
  • introduced a pioneering solution that will enable the creation of offers in many different currencies. The service supports the addition of offers based on templates in different languages.
  • designed a web application which supports other e-commerce vendors’ templates and dedicated templates.
  • is responsible for a number of auxiliary services, such as integration with a banking system or servicing administration tools. The team monitors the solution themselves 24/7 using self-programmed incidents triggers. 
  • owns 10 microservices and is involved in the development of many other teams.
  • cooperates with the Product Owner on the client’s side, developing the software in the Agile model.
  • the web application supports other e-commerce vendors’ templates and dedicated templates.

The solution

  • The web application supports other e-commerce vendors’ templates and dedicated templates.
  • The offers have 100% analytical coverage, thanks to which the team knows the amount of data, and has knowledge of their sources and operations performed on them in particular categories. This allows the team to quickly notice any anomalies and prepare development plans.
  • The solution is constantly being improved and developed in terms of UX thanks to continuous cooperation with a dedicated UX designer and sales research conducted together with the client’s sales departments.

Technologies: Kotlin, Groovy (Spock), Spring, Gradle, Mongo, Kafka (Avro), Hermes, React, S3 

Tools: Atlassian Stack, Intellij Idea, Slack, Mesos, ELK, Graphana (Prometheus, Graphite) 

Duration: October 2019 – ongoing  

Benefits for the client

  • Greater efficiency when adding offers
  • The self-designed JCommerce solution is used by many of the client’s other teams, including its biggest integrators
  • Reduced time needed to add offers and improved information flow
  • Compliance of the organizational culture of JCommerce and the client (the functionality is developed in the Agile model with the use of Scrum methodology)
  • The provider is 100% responsible for the designed, implemented and developed solution
  • The mature competence project team of the provider with mutual experience gained in other projects

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