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A system in the Azure Cloud supporting logistics center management

Efficient supply chain management is one of the challenges faced by logistics centers today. JCommerce specialists are working on a system in the Azure Cloud that will facilitate the management of logistics infrastructure in the distribution center.

Country: Poland
Year: October 2021 - ongoing
Technologies: .NET 5, Azure AppService, Azure DevOps (CI/CD), Azure SQL, Azure Active Directory (Single Tenant), Redis Cache Pro, Entity Framework, MS Blazor, Signal Air, Elastic Search, Kibana, ZipKin
Case study Optidata

The system

The target client for the developed system is the owner of a chain of stores with over 7000 shops in Poland. The main aim of the project is to streamline the operation of logistics centers – the system will manage the logistics infrastructure, facilitating cooperation and coordinating activities among warehouse workers, transport planners, dispatchers and drivers.

Project challenges 

  • Integration of the solution with a number of systems: WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transport Management System) and the SAP system.
  • Secure authorization and system access management based on Azure Active Directory.
  • Adapting the system to the requirements related to processing foreign orders and implementations for other end clients.

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The project

We started by analyzing the client’s vision, which was made significantly easier by the use of Event Storming workshops, i.e. meetings between domain experts and programmers which were aimed at understanding the operation of the solution in the context of a given business domain. We managed to identify additional challenges for the application and potential difficulties. The natural next step was choosing a software development methodology based on the business domain: Domain-Driven Design. The decision to choose Azure App Service hosting resulted from the need to quickly develop applications that would be easy to use for people who did not have a technical background. The solution is available both in the Azure Cloud and in on-premises form.

JCommerce’s tasks:

  • Development of the backend and frontend of the application using .NET 5.
  • Creating APIs for integration with external systems – enabling the automatic sending of SMS notifications related to delivery to drivers, among other things.
  • Building queuing systems to facilitate delivery distribution process management.

The client’s benefits 

  • Support provided by a Certified Cloud Azure Solutions Architect Expert.
  • A technology stack based on the latest technologies, including .NET 5, with preparation for migration to .NET 6.

The client

A convenience store chain which has been operating in Poland for many years, listed by Forbes magazine in the rankings of the best Polish brands, among others.

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