Agile Outsourcing in the Banking Sector – Agile Software Development

JCommerce’s cooperation with ING (ING Bank Śląski) in the framework of outsourcing IT professionals began in 2009 and has resulted in close cooperation in such areas as Business Intelligence, business analysis, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and software development. The long-term business relationship has made JCommerce employees part of the furniture at ING. They have participated in such projects as the development of the My ING personal banking system, and the Personal Financial Trainer, providing customers with solutions to control expenses, save or multiply their money, among other projects.

Country: Poland
Year: 2009
Project scope: IT outsourcing in mixed technologies
Team size: > 20
Time: ongoing
Technologies: J2EE, JSF, RichFaces, Seam, Spring, JBPM, Hibernate, Oracle, Cognos, PL/SQL, 2ENG, Dynamics CRM, C#, SSIS
Project company name: ING Bank Śląski
Agile outsourcing in ING Bank

Cooperation between JCommerce and ING

Due to the fact that ING Bank Śląski operates based on agile principles, cooperation with external business partners in the field of IT outsourcing is also based on such a model. This greatly facilitates collaboration – primarily because agile principles are well known and used by many technology and IT outsourcing companies. One of the benefits of implementing scrum methodology is that all employees work the same way – whether they are employed directly by the bank or an outsourcing partner. From day to day, the differences between bank employees and outside companies are virtually undetectable, increasing team engagement, facilitating daily communication, and in turn increasing the business benefits of using outsourced professionals.

Agile Nearshore Outsourcing

The projects implemented by the scrum teams are implemented gradually, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of the end user. In the bank’s case, the support of third-party professionals such as JCommerce gives rise to measurable business benefits. Professionals with suitable knowledge and experience are involved in specific projects or stages, exactly as and when needed. The organizational structure of the bank is not upset at any time, and the outsourcing agreement can be extended or terminated upon expiration, or modified appropriately to accommodate changing business needs.

Benefits of outsourcing in the agile model

  • Reduction in adaptation problems which external workers as well as entire teams may have.
  • Rapid adaptation of processes and products to dynamically changing needs.
  • Access to in-demand skills and technology through external specialists such as JCommerce.
  • An objective view of internal processes from the external specialist point of view, facilitating the implementation of innovation.

Collaboration in the Agile model should primarily guarantee open communication and enable the application of Agile approaches in practice. Openness, commitment and having the courage to communicate are key qualities in achieving success. Transparency is also important, as is the willingness to understand that what was important at the beginning of cooperation or at a particular moment in time can change – just like the measures of success. It is therefore important to maintain an Agile ‘inspect & adapt’ approach.

Seweryn Papierz, Senior Agile Coach in the Agile Transformation Support Team ING Bank Śląski.

About the client

ING Bank Śląski is a part of the ING Group, a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam.

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