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Implementation of Backend Parts of the Server for a Mobile App

Programming and implementation of backend parts of the server and the administrator portal for mobile application “Ocean”. The backend of server is responsible for collecting and data processing.

Country: Great Britain
Year: 2014
Project scope: Backend parts of the server and the administrator portal for a mobile app
Team size: 4
Technologies: Apache Tomcat 8.0.3, PostgreSQL 9.3, Gradle 1.11, Spring Core 4.0.2, SL4J 1.7.6, Logback 1.1.1, Spring Data 1.5.0, Hibernate 4.3.1, , Spring MVC 4.0.2, Jackson 1.9.3, ModelMapper 0.6.3, PrimeFaces 4.0, JSF 2.2, Spring Web 4.0.2, Spring Social Facebook 1.0.3
Project company name: Ocean Enterprise Europe

About the ‘Ocean’ application

The purpose of the “OCEAN” project was the development of a system that – using psychology profile, user behavior and his preferences – creates some kind of social network around places where people can meet each other. System contains three main components: backend RESTfull services with whole business logic, background jobs responsible for scoring operations and administration module developed as independent web application. JCommerce was responsible for preparing analyze, whole backend architecture, design services and database, development, testing, bug fixing, deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a highly available system and documentation.

“During our collaboration experts from JCommerce showed their strong commitment and knowledge of the project context and requirements. We experience JCommerce as a company with hard working people, very high committed to quality and deadlines.”

CEO Ocean Enterprise Europe Ltd.

About the client

Ocean Enterprise Europe is a fast growing software start-up with funding, founded at University College London by Kajetan Waluszewski and Tomasz Stefaniak.

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