Business Analysis and Implementation of a New Data Warehouse

The analysis of the existing data structures, business processes and reporting needs was only the first stage of the project. Subsequently, the new Data Warehouse was built, which laid the foundations for the Business Intelligence class system. It was fed with data from one transactional platform.

Country: Ireland
Year: 2015 - 2016
Project scope: Multilevel Data Warehouse
Team size: 5 members
Technologies: IBM DB2, Pentaho Data Integration
Project company name: Squared Financial Services Ltd

Technical analysis and design of DW models

The project began with an analysis of existing data structures, business processes and the company’s reporting needs. The job was to transform complex business requirements into a clear and coherent technical solution.

The documentation which came out of the analysis contained a business model, the design of the required reports, the design of the data warehouse in the form of a multidimensional data model and basic guidelines for the implementation of the complete analytical solution. The aim of the design of the data warehouse was to ensure that fundamentally the Business Intelligence system is able to standardize data from various sources and to collect it almost in real time. Users should get fast, flexible and easy access to consolidated information.

“The JCommerce PM managed the project very proactively, providing constant updates and addressing potential issues before they had any impact on the project as a whole. Exceptional communication, a deep focus on goals and objectives as well as excellent time management kept the project on track, at all times, and resulted in the timely delivery of all agreed milestones.”

Piotr Pryzmont, Head of IT Squared Financial Services

Implementation and deployment of DW and ETL systems

The second phase of the project was to build the Data Warehouse, designed in the previous analysis stage, and to load it with data from one source platform. Bearing in mind that in future the Data Warehouse will collect information from many different transaction platforms, the necessary mapping tables and ETL processes were designed and implemented. This facilitated an easy increase of the number of source systems of the Data Warehouse in the successive stages of the project.

The right technology

JCommerce’s engineers had to quickly adapt to use different technologies on which Squared operations are based, but were also able to offer alternative solutions if and when needed. The technical teams displayed a high level of technical knowledge and skills which were necessary to implement a solution matching the performance requirements set by Squared at the beginning of the project.

This nearly two-year-long experience proved that JCommerce is a very professional company with the ability to employ the right mix of technical and project management skills, regardless of the situation.”

Piotr Pryzmont, Head of IT Squared Financial Services

About the client

Squared Financial is a full-service broker regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland which offers an ECN-style trading model across a broad mix of Bank and non-Bank liquidity pools. Squared Financial specializes in Foreign Exchange (including CFDs) and related products. Their clients benefit from the best price and highest quality of execution for their personal trading style and strategy.

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