Cooperation between JCommerce and Treeno

Treeno is a Swedish retail tech that supports companies in their Post-Purchase Customer Experience. The goal of the project, carried out jointly with JCommerce, was to digitize receipts so that paper and PDF receipts would be a thing of the past.

Country: Sweden
Year: 2019
Project scope: Creation of architecture, including the Back-End and Front-End layers
Project company name: Treeno


In order to launch a production project of digital receipts, the client asked for support from JCommerce advisors in the implemented cloud environment, so that it would be able to handle a significant amount of data which would increase over time. The challenge was to find an effective and scalable solution that would allow for cost management according to the increasing amount of processed data. Another aim of the project was to design the appropriate architecture and prepare a control panel for users. Finally, the project aimed to maintain the Swedish standard of digital receipts according to the guidelines provided.


As part of the project, the implementation of the AWS cloud infrastructure was recommended, and the implementation and configuration of the environment were commissioned. The work carried out was comprehensive and included the creation of architecture, including the Back-End and Front-End layers of the control panel. During the ongoing work, JCommerce specialists created a user panel that allows users to manage digital receipts (adding, deleting, categorizing, editing and searching). An API was also created to allow external POS (points of sale) to send receipts in JSON or XML format.

The result

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of JCommerce in the implementation of cloud-based solutions, it was possible to determine the client’s needs and then carry out the implementation of a scalable cloud environment. As part of the work carried out, a panel for managing digital receipts which meets the client’s requirements and complies with the Swedish standard was created.

Business value

  • Implementation of an innovative solution supporting e-document circulation,
  • Design and implementation of the scalable AWS cloud environment,
  • User panel for handling digital receipts, complying with the Swedish standard.

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