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The French company Bar Distribution reported a need for support in the development of applications for self-service table management. Bars equipped with such tables allow customers to enjoy degustation, place orders and process payments without having to leave the table or wait for the waiter to serve them. JCommerce has helped improve the appearance and functioning of the application.

Country: France
Year: 2019
Project scope: software development
Technologies: WPF MVVM in C #, Entity Framework, WCF, Material Design In XAML Toolkit. Tools: Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio 2017, Snoop for WPF
Project company name: Bar Distribution

About the system

Bar Distribution is developing a system that makes it easier for bartenders to serve customers, and for customers to taste drinks without queuing – all thanks to innovative applications. The first is intended to be used by bar service, with the option of supplying customers’ NFC cards with a specific amount of money. The second application is used by the customers themselves for ordering degustation portions of beverages (e.g. 100 ml beer costs 1 euro) at smart self-service tables.

The challenge

Bar Distribution needed support in the development of the application used by the bartenders (or bar managers) and customers who have access to it at smart tables. It was necessary to develop the application with new functionalities and improve its appearance. It was also necessary to apply modifications that would make it easier to set up customer accounts for using the application. The client also wanted to have the possibility of defining new products and assigning new drinks to intelligent self-service tables.

The solution

Work undertaken in the outsourcing model using .Net technology was aimed at developing the Front-End part and adding new functionalities to improve the functioning of the application and positively affect the user experience. The system has been expanded in such a way as to meet all the client’s requirements. Currently, the staff can add photos of products served, add new users (clients) and manage their accounts. Thanks to the application, the bartender can also easily manage the application located at the tables, including changing the photos and prices of drinks served, as well as input promotional offers.

The result

Thanks to the work carried out by JCommerce, a new user interface for the bartenders’ application was created. Currently, the staff can define new drinks and assign a selected product to a smart table, as well as easily manage customers’ accounts. In addition to the above functionalities, e.g. a tab with statistics and the ability to define Happy Hours for given products have been added.

Business benefits

  • Application enriched with new functionalities,
  • New application user interface,
  • Expanded Back-End layer,
  • Better user experience.

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