Dedicated System Implementation in PHP Technology

JCommerce specialists are supporting the development of a new business system for their Swedish client, Boozt Fashion AB, owner of the Boozt.com online store.

Country: Sweden
Year: 2017
Project scope: Implementation of a dedicated system in PHP technology.
Team size: 18 software engineers (expected to grow further)
Time: 2017 – ongoing
Technologies: PHP, Symfony 3, React, MySQL, JavaScript, Google Cloud Platform
Project company name: Boozt Fashion AB
ERP implementation for Boozt

JCommerce specialists are supporting the development of a business system for their Swedish client from the e-commerce industry: Boozt Fashion AB, owner of the Boozt.com online store, with a base of over 1,606,000 active customers.

The beginning of a long-term partnership

Cooperation between JCommerce and Boozt began in 2017 when the client needed support in the field of software development. Earlier on, Boozt had been cooperating with outsourcing companies in India and Vietnam, but over time the company began to require more control over their technical roadmap. Therefore, they decided to start cooperation with IT partners located nearby; the decisive factor when choosing Poland was access to developers with good communication skills. The first project JCommerce was involved in concerned the implementation of a dedicated system using PHP technology. The solution was designed to streamline processes, primarily in terms of ordering. The system is integrated with other systems in the client’s infrastructure that are based on PHP technology. We take great pride in being one of the best PHP development outsourcing companies with many satisfied clients in different countries.

“The developers have provided an excellent service to our full satisfaction and have all been highly skilled and communicative, although the assignments have been very complicated and ambitious. JCommerce has been a professional and flexible partner with a full understanding of our requirements and priorities.”

Jesper Brøndum, CTO Boozt AB

Further challenges

After the successful implementation of the project, our cooperation with Boozt went from strength to strength. The client decided to entrust us with the further development of dedicated e-commerce platforms: boozt.com and booztlet.com. For this reason, the project team has been extended to 18 developers on the JCommerce side, who not only work on services used for e-commerce purposes, but are also responsible for communication with the client’s partners and suppliers as well as for managing finances and logistics.

JCommerce’s tasks include the development of:

  • An accounting system (ERP) used by the company and its entities
  • A partner portal for partner program management
  • A brand portal for supplier service
  • A BMP project to support planning of marketing activities and managing relationships with brands and advertisers
  • File management in the Google Cloud service

Best practices in the project

  • Face to face project kick-off to introduce the team to Boozt standards and practices, project goals, the roadmap and scope of the project
  • Daily communication with the project team via Slack
  • Daily and weekly calls with the team allowing the client to monitor progress and make the necessary adjustments
  • Establishing a Team Leader role in the JCommerce team
  • Ensuring direct contact between developers and business representatives
  • Active role played by a client – the possibility of rotation of developers within other Boozt projects
  • Dedicated centers of development with elements of branding which has a positive effect on developer engagement and improves their identification with the client’s projects
  • Integration activities: on-site visits, common initiatives such as taking part in the Business Run
  • Collaborative exhibiting at the PHPers Summit Tech conference
  • Supporting diversity in project teams

Benefits for the client

  • Support of a strong, competent PHP development team
  • Long-term partnership translating into better collaboration
  • Set of best practices for improving the implementation of the project, e.g. use of the Kanban method
  • Effective communication thanks to nearshore support

About the client

Boozt Fashion AB is the owner of Boozt.com, an online store operating in several markets including Poland, which offers clothes, shoes and accessories for the whole family from over 400 Scandinavian and international brands.

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