Development of a mobile application for a client from the e-commerce industry

A Polish client operating in the e-commerce industry needed the support of iOS and Android teams to develop a mobile application that would help buyers to monitor package delivery and check delivery options. JCommerce specialists supported the project by developing the key functionalities of the application. It was one of several projects carried out for that company, and being open to such a wide scope of outsourcing cooperation was a challenge for the client – we provided the support of over 30 specialists in total.

Country: Poland
Year: 2019
Project scope: Mobile application software development and testing
Team size: 30
Time: August 2019 – in progress
Technologies: Kotlin, Java 8, Gradle, RxJava, Coroutines, Room, GraphQL, Espresso, Mockito, JUnit, Swift, Objective-C

Goal of the project

The iOS and Android teams supported the client in the development of an existing mobile application that allows for the convenient viewing of offers and the completion of purchases on one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Poland. JCommerce specialists, developers and Quality Assurance specialists support the client’s teams in the area of software development, and are responsible for maintaining key application functionalities. They also take care of the quality of the developed application thanks to automated tests, and implement A / B tests for new functionalities.

Challenges in the project

  • The biggest challenge in the project was to ensure the continuity of the purchasing process when replacing the old solution with a new one (gradual implementation, A / B tests, monitoring),
  • The second challenge was related to handling payments due to the multitude of payment methods available (BLIK, payment cards, Google Pay, transfers, payment in instalments, various payment providers) and the volume of transactions each day.

The solution

In addition to work carried out in the area of software development and testing, one of the recent projects consisted of a complete redesign of the existing shopping basket process in the application and implementation of the new solution. As a result, it will be easier for users to do their shopping, and the application itself will be adequately prepared for increasing traffic from the technical side.

Business value

  • Easier monitoring of the product ordered by the consumer,
  • Support for numerous payment methods,
  • Mobile application prepared from the technical side for increased traffic,
  • In the iOS area – development of functionalities supporting logistics: the possibility to display information for the buyer regarding the delivery, available packages or product receipt.

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