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HealthTech Mobile Application – CareForIT

An Android mobile application for home help and aged care workers to create, edit and manage care plans.

Country: Great Britain
Year: 2016
Project scope: Mobile application development
Team size: 1
Technologies: Kotlin, Android SDK, Realm, Android Studio, Git
Project company name: Webformed Ltd

HealthTech mobile application

The HealthTech app shows a timetable with details of the person visiting, the time and location of the visit, and the telephone number. During the visit, the app saves the location of worker as proof of service. The app contains a fill-in form, customized according to the type of visit (with questions pertaining to e.g. if there was a meal or medicine given, and the condition of the patient) and sends invoices to the service users. Available at Google Play.

About the client

Webformed Ltd delivers secure cloud-based software solutions that make people and processes more efficient and easier to manage. The company specialises in streamlining the scheduling, tracking, billing and auditing processes for businesses with casual or dispersed workforces.

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