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How to become a trusted IT service provider? Cooperation with an IT consulting company

The history of cooperation between JCommerce and an IT consulting and digital transformation services provider. JCommerce is on the list of trusted providers of one of the leading European IT consulting companies, which has opened itself up to cooperation with our specialists in many fields, such as software development, testing, as well as the implementation and maintenance of ERP systems. Learn about the history of our cooperation and find out more about how we support the biggest IT consulting companies that help their clients to build digital maturity in business.

Country: Germany
Year: 2016 – ongoing
Project scope: Custom software development
Technologies: Front-End, Back-End, Java, DevOps, microservices, iOS, Android, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, QA
IT consulting cooperation and support

Our Client

Our partner helps its clients to implement innovative IT solutions which support the digital transformation of enterprises. The specificity of the IT consulting industry is that providers must act quickly, be flexible and support the implementation of modern IT solutions for end clients from various industries – and thus follow the latest technological trends.

The specificity and needs of IT consulting companies

  • Implementation of projects for clients from a number of different industries.
  • The necessity of providing diversified competences.
  • The need to have access to niche competences and know-how.
  • The need to react quickly to clients’ needs.
  • The need for flexible access to competences in terms of specific projects.
  • The need to have a list of trusted providers of particular competences.
  • Scalability of project teams.

2016 – the beginning of cooperation

Digital identification project

Our cooperation with the company began in 2016 with a digital identity project for the automotive and insurance industries, in which support was required in terms of the creation of test architecture and implementation of the test process. The JCommerce offer addressed the client’s needs best – we provided comprehensive Quality Assurance support, creating test architecture and providing tools for manual and automated tests of systems and mobile applications.


  • Creation and implementation of comprehensive software test architecture.
  • The first project implemented for the client, which required both companies to get to know each other’s organizational culture and team members.

Insurance documentation management platform

The first project carried out together was successful, so a couple of months later the client came back to us with a question about the possibility of providing the competences of several Java developers and supporting work on a solution in the microservices architecture. The project concerned the creation of a completely new platform for insurance document circulation management. Again in this case, we managed to quickly set up a team of the required specialists and implement the project in accordance with the client’s expectations. As our cooperation developed, we provided the support of an increasing number of specialists. The project involved an architect, a business analyst, Java developers and Front-End specialists, and the work was supervised by the project coordinators and a Scrum Master. The positive assessment of our team’s engagement resulted in a permanent cooperation contract which continues to this day.


  • Greenfield project in microservices technology.
  • Need for flexibility and quick scalability of teams as the project evolved.

2017 – Development of cooperation

Development of a mobile application for digital payments

This enabled JCommerce to participate in an ambitious project on a European scale, implemented by the client together with leading digital service providers. The aim of the project, in which JCommerce’s iOS and Android developers were involved, was to create a mobile application for digital payments, based on digital identity verification.


  • Coordination of multiple providers’ activities.
  • Ensuring high security standards.

ERP system implementation: Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Our cooperation continued to develop rapidly and, apart from providing programming skills, JCommerce also provided the client with support in the ERP area. To address the client’s internal needs, we implemented the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 ERP system, which facilitates financial control over projects carried out for end customers from various areas as well as over marketing and sales activities.


  • Providing a solution that integrates data from diverse areas of the organization’s operation.
  • Implementation of the solution in a new project area.

2019 – implementation of projects as a trusted provider

Development of a mobile payment application

Currently, together with the client, we are carrying out another international project which started in 2019. It concerns the creation of a mobile payment application, and its greatest challenge is to ensure high security standards. Back-End and Front-End specialists are involved in the work, as well as teams of mobile developers (iOS and Android), Java, DevOps developers, testers and a Scrum Master – 15 people in total.


  • Cooperation with many contractors.
  • Ensuring high security standards.

Business benefits for the client

  • Competency support in every area of software development and testing.
  • Easier implementation of projects for end customers, regardless of the area in which they operate.
  • Many years of cooperation with a trusted and proven provider.
  • A well-known procedure of project implementation and easy start of subsequent projects.
  • The possibility of getting to know our team members better and enabling easier communication.
  • High scalability of teams.

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Information on the processing of personal data

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