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JCommerce has carried out
an e-learning platform project

JCommerce supported the implementation of an educational platform. The website serves to facilitate the exchange of educational content between teachers, parents and students. 

Country: Poland
Year: 2019
Project scope: Implementation of an educational platform
Team size: 20
Time: March – May 2019
Technologies: Java 11, OpenAPI 3.0, Docker + Docker Compose, Spring 5, Spring Boot 2.1, Angular, Angular Material
Project company name: Betacom

Scope of the project

The client undertook an educational platform project that would allow parents, teachers, and students to exchange information and allow for knowledge sharing. As part of the work, we provided support in the development of platform modules to support the Student Project, Reporting and Settlements, and the website.


On the JCommerce side, the project involved Front-End and Back-End developers, as well as a project manager, software tester and analyst. As part of the work, we provided a six-person client team with support in terms of building infrastructure and system integration. A platform was created for the publication of educational content by individual schools and for the exchange of information. Thanks to the platform, teachers can download educational resources, as well as conduct teleconferences and interactive lectures.

Benefits for the client

  • Providing scalable teams in the Fixed Price model,
  • Full implementation of the client’s requirements within the expected time and budget,
  • The project met the requirements of UX.

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