Development of dedicated software for the new chain of parcel machines in Poland

JCommerce developers are working on an automated complaint form for a client from the e-commerce industry. We are also developing, among other things, software that allows the parcel recipients to quickly contact technical support, and consultants to safely and remotely open lockers in a new chain of parcel machines in Poland.

Country: Poland
Year: 1.2021 - ongoing
Project scope: software development
Team size: 5 members (Team Leader, QA, BE, FE developers)
Technologies: Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spock, Kafka, React, TypeScript, Selenide, JUnit
Parcel machine system for e-commerce supplier

The client’s system

Contactless delivery is one of the hottest e-commerce trends. There are already over 13,000 parcel machines in Poland, but judging by the available resources, as many as 20 million people in Poland still do not have direct access to parcel machines. Our client is a leader in the field of e-commerce, enabling the sale of products via one of the top platforms in Europe. Currently, the client is taking their first steps on the courier delivery market and is developing a new chain of parcel machines in Poland, with plans to put 3,000 of their own machines in operation by 2022. At those pickup points, customers will be able to collect their packages using an app.


  • Due to the development of the platform, there was a need to quickly build a team of experienced developers who would support work on automating the complaint process as well as services supporting the selection of a courier company.
  • Our client would also like to make it possible for recipients who are having problems opening a locker to quickly contact a technical support consultant who will be able to open it remotely.


  • Quickly building a development team with expertise in both frontend and backend technologies.
  • Creating a solution to meet the assumed legal and security requirements.
  • Multidisciplinary cooperation and constant communication with many other teams working on this solution (including in terms of law and cybersecurity).
  • Automation of the complaint process.


Automated complaint process

The client has been benefiting from the support of JCommerce for many years – our teams are developing a deferred payment system and mobile shopping application for them, among other things. We were able to quickly build a team consisting of programmers with the required competences. JCommerce’s developers are working on automating the complaint process. The times when website forms were complicated and discouraged customers from submitting complaints are becoming a thing of the past. Currently, companies are open to feedback and are focused on improving customer service. For this purpose, we are developing a complaint form available on the website so that it will be fully integrated with the web store login system. Our solution will enable auto-completion based on the previous customer data. JCommerce programmers are developing this functionality in accordance with the guidelines provided by law and data security specialists.

Automated complaint process

Automated complaint process

Software for the parcel machine technical support team

Our developers are also involved in developing a solution for a team of technical consultants. Thanks to the functionality which we are developing, technical support assistants will have access to a map of pickup points, as well as being able to check the contents and available storage. In case of any problems, they will assist the recipient and open the parcel locker remotely. The application is being developed in microservices architecture, which facilitates the implementation of new functionalities without the need to shut down the entire system. The project has the potential to develop further, and later on we will also work on a service that will support the process of selecting a courier company.

Benefits for the client

    • Quickly building an autonomous team of developers
    • 24/7 solution monitoring – the team sets the necessary alerts itself.
    • An automated and improved complaint system.
    • Remote project implementation.

What do our developers say about the project?

It is often difficult to explain to people from outside IT what solutions we are working on as programmers. The most interesting thing about this project is that our family and friends will be able to see and test the solutions we have developed. It motivates us to deliver as good a product as possible.

Team Leader & Senior Java Developer at JCommerce

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