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JCommerce’s .NET developers implement a solution using Azure technology in a project for the automotive industry

Exevator AB is an IT consulting company implementing a project for a large target client from Sweden. Our new client needed competence support from .NET programmers; the solution provided by JCommerce, utilizing the Azure cloud, will improve and accelerate numerous calculation and repair processes in the automotive industry.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1.09.2020 – ongoing
Technologies: NET, Azure, Web API, Blazor, WPF, WCF, SQL Server, Angular
Project company name: Exevator AB

The client’s system

The target client is a Swedish company operating in the auto insurance industry, which supports the work of garages. The company is developing a system which serves as a database for car services. Using the information in the application, garages can easily perform the necessary repair calculations and access lists of spare parts and prices as well as estimated times for carrying out orders. This solution is currently used by 23,000 users.

The challenge

  • The need to shorten the time required to perform repair calculations using the system
  • Staff and competence shortages in the field of .NET and Azure Cloud, which are necessary in order to develop the system
  • The dynamic development of the project and the need to engage new specialists


JCommerce has been supporting IT consulting companies for a long time now, which is why we were able to offer proven practices and many years of project experience immediately. JCommerce’s .NET programmers developed the existing target client’s solution using the best Agile methodologies (Scrum, DevOps). Azure Boards were used for the efficient planning and monitoring of work progress, and the product implementation and development process (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) is supported by technologies such as Azure Pipelines or Azure Repos.

Benefits for the client

  • Improving and expediting the calculation and repair processes
  • Agile project implementation facilitating the remote implementation of solutions
  • Scalability of teams and the possibility of obtaining further support from JCommerce
  • The competences of some of the best .NET developers in Poland (according to the Clutch rankings)
  • The support of a technological partner with extensive experience in the implementation of projects for clients operating in IT consulting and the status of a trusted provider

What the client said about JCommerce:

 “I’ve been impressed by their competence and company culture. They’ve provided motivated, highly-skilled, senior team members. They’re all nice and professional”

“They do their best when they get the bigger responsibility. It’s best to challenge them with a big product because they can handle it”

“I foresee we will do more stuff with them in the future. I can see they have the capability of delivering end-to-end projects also”

What’s next?

The current cooperation will be continued, and work has started on setting up a new team for another target client, this time from the real estate market. Exevator AB appreciates JCommerce’s work, which is how we came to be one of their trusted, long-term nearshoring providers.


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