MDM System Development

Our client is developing its flagship product – the Mobile Device Management system, a leading enterprise-class tool that Apple administrators use to manage user devices. The team of Java software engineers is currently involved in migrating individual system objects and refreshing the user interface.

Country: USA
Project scope: Software development
Time: Ongoing
Technologies: Angular and NgRx, Java 8, Java 11, Spring Framework, SQL, MySQL, Tomcat 8, Git, REST API, Hibernate, EHcache, MEMcache, Hibernate validator, JUnit4/5, NgRx, SASS, TypeScript; Additionally: Atlassian (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo).
MDM System Development


The system has been refactored, but it still needs to have individual objects migrated and the interface refreshed. The customer decided to entrust this task to us because our Apple administrators have been successfully providing MDM system implementation and maintenance services for many years now, and our specialists understand MDM system specifics.

About the system

The system is a professional MDM tool for remote Apple device configuration. There are many objects that require migration, such as pieces of transferred data (so-called payloads) used to configure specific functionalities of Apple devices.

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Scope of work

Engineers migrate objects and rewrite the user interface with new technologies. The goal is to refresh it and, in some areas, to design a completely new layout in cooperation with UX/ UI Designer and using proven tools (Angular 8, NgRx, SASS, TypeScript). As part of the project, a library of UI components will be created, which can then be used during further work.

What the developers think about the project

The project is an engaging challenge for a development team – they can use the latest technologies such as Java 8 and Java 11 to implement interesting UI solutions. An undoubted advantage of the project is the approach to work, which is similar to our organizational culture. Our developers work in an international environment using Scrum – there are no rigid rules, but they rely on flexibility, trust and openness.

Aim of the project

  • Migration of individual payloads after refactoring the system core
  • Accelerating migration
  • Refreshing the user interface

Benefits for the customer

  • The latest technologies (Java 8, Java 11 + Spring Framework)
  • Long-term support (initially the project was planned to last 8-9 months)
  • Long-term cooperation based on trust and shared business goals
  • Support provided by the project team with a dedicated point of contact at the business and operational level, which guarantees fluency of communication

Client – Leading provider of MDM-class solutions used by thousands of companies worldwide, including well-known brands.

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