Microservices, Java, Python and MongoDB in a project for an e-commerce giant

A team of Java developers from JCommerce is creating and developing a set of microservices for a global e-commerce company, whose platform uses over 800 microservices.

Country: Poland
Year: 2021
Project scope: Software development
Team size: 5
Technologies: Kotlin, Java 11, Scala, Python, Microservices, Spring, Spark, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Hadoop, Kafka, Grafana, Kibana, Spock

The need

In the era of a rapidly developing e-commerce sector, online e-commerce entrepreneurs are looking for solutions to enable them to monitor the trending popularity of products and continue to expand their base.

Our client, who has been operating on the market for over 20 years, has an e-commerce platform which is used by over 12 million users around the world, and an average of 100 new products appear on the platform every single minute. When it comes to market needs, the creation of modern tools enabling the business development of the platform’s clients is a key element of the company’s strategy.


  • Development and maintenance of microservices which help to monitor trends, thanks to which products are listed on the e-commerce platform at favorable prices.
  • Processing of data from various sources, such as websites of online stores and internal databases.



Our client from the e-commerce industry needed the support of iOS and Android teams to develop their mobile application.

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Our team of Java developers is responsible for a number of activities aimed at enriching the client’s product offer and monitoring the prices of the most important products. To ensure the continuity of the process, our team analyzes the effectiveness of particular microservices by means of constant data collection.

The team mainly takes care of the maintenance and development of microservices. We are in constant contact with developers from other teams to agree on the requirements and processes that go beyond the scope of work of individual teams.

On the client’s side, we work directly with a Project Manager who provides project requirements and prioritizes business tasks. The next stages are defined at business meetings which our Team Leader participates in. The functionalities we create are subject to continuous analysis based on charts presenting their effectiveness.

Benefits for the client

  • Automating the process of expanding the database and trend analysis.
  • The JCommerce team takes responsibility for the entire software development process: from selecting technology, to implementation and testing, to monitoring the application’s performance.
  • Working with a highly competent team that independently selects project technologies.



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