Nearshoring Cooperation with the Dutch Company Calago

Calago, a Dutch IT consulting industry leader, was looking for a reliable technology partner to establish long-term nearshoring cooperation with, in the field of software development both for internal projects and for the company’s external clients. They turned to JCommerce to cooperate on the pilot project.

Country: Netherlands
Year: 2018
Project scope: Creation of the e-commerce platform architecture and improvement of the Product Information Management system
Team size: 5
Time: ongoing
Technologies: PHP 7.2; Java 7, Java 8, Groovy 2.4.15
Project company name: Calago B.V.

The quick turnaround time and a very positive initial impression resulted in a green light for the first project, undertaken by a PHP programmer.

E-commerce platform

Technology: PHP

The pilot project concerned the implementation of an e-commerce platform for one of Calago’s clients, based on the Shopware system, which is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce systems in Europe. The system offers advanced omnichannel solutions used in both B2B and B2C form.

Project goal

The main goal of the project was to create the architecture of the e-commerce platform to serve as many as 14 of the target customer’s online stores, supported by Calago. Due to the large size of the site, a dispersed monolith architecture embedded in the Azure cloud environment was proposed. The platform will also be integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics AX used by the client.

Due to the smooth running of the project and the client’s satisfaction with cooperation to date, Calago has decided to entrust JCommerce specialists with another project, the goal of which is to improve a product information management system that Calago will offer to its customers.

Product Information Management system

Technology: Java, Groovy

The PIM system that Calago offer is used by companies from various industries, including car showrooms and companies which sell tools and car parts. The system aggregates technical data and other product information, creating a central database which is then used by websites. The PIM system can also be used in car configurators, among others, enabling showroom customers to choose accessories for given car models.

Project goal

Calago has been using PIM system for many years, so the tool requires continuous modernization and extension work in terms of existing system functionalities as well as adding new functions and interfaces. It is also necessary to repair errors detected by consultants as and when they occur. The system improvement project which the Java team from JCommerce joined is implemented in an international programming environment, in the Groovy and Java programming languages.

Business benefits

  • Competence – swift access to the necessary specialists and competences.
  • Scalability – the client has access to as many specialists as the project requires.
  • Quality – high quality of the software development tasks, guaranteed by the terms of the SLA.
  • Security – the provisions of the agreement, as well as European Union law, guarantee the security of cooperation.
  • Proximity – despite the fact that work is completed remotely, communication runs smoothly as all work within the same time zone, and there is the additional possibility of regular visits.

About the client

Calago is a Dutch IT consulting industry leader. The company specializes in the implementation of PIM (Product Information Management) and e-commerce systems.

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