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SkillMatrix – a dedicated system for managing employees’ profiles

At Inetum , we employ IT specialists with numerous competences, and run projects using various tools, technologies and solutions. We strive to provide our employees with continuous project development, and to provide our clients with the appropriate competences. In order to support this process, we have developed a bespoke internal system for managing employees’ profiles. Get to know the details of the project and find out how to manage knowledge and talents in the company effectively.

Country: Poland
Year: 2019-2020
Project scope: Custom software development
Team size: 6-9 people at a time
Time: May 2019 – December 2020
Technologies: Java, Spring, Groovy, Docker, Kubernetes, Angular, Gitlab, development in AWS
Project company name: In
Skill Matrix talent management system

The need

As a technological partner, we provide IT outsourcing services and have a large competence base of specialists in many fields. These include software development (Front-End, Java, .NET, PHP, PLC and HMI, iOS, Android, Python, RPA), cloud services, business analysis, Business Intelligence, architecture of IT solutions and systems as well as the testing and management of Apple devices. In the IT industry, specific certifications, language and soft skills, industry and sector experience are very important. We needed a knowledge management system in the area of competences that would facilitate the optimal matching of specialists with projects. Additionally, we wanted to speed up the flow of documentation between the Sales, Delivery, and HR departments and the client. For this purpose, we have developed a dedicated SkillMatrix solution for managing employees’ competences.

The challenges

  • Collecting and cataloging knowledge – the challenge was to collect and centralize knowledge about competences, cataloging technical and language competences and certificates.
  • Versatility – we wanted to create a universal tool that could be adapted and implemented in any organization.
  • Appropriate structure – an important element of the project was to divide competences in such a way to accurately present several hundred technologies and competences of our employees.
  • Ease of management – the goal was to create a system that would allow us to easily add new profiles, competences and certificates.
  • Integration – the tool should easily integrate with internal systems, such as a system for employee data management.

The solution

After analyzing the requirements and verifying them with Sales, Delivery and managers, the team began work on the project. We decided to use an Agile approach to software development, utilizing Scrum methodology.

The system was created in the AWS cloud, and an analyst, a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, and Back-End, Front-End, and QA specialists were involved in the project. A graphic and UX Designer was responsible for the interface design. The system has been designed in such a way that employees’ profiles can be created automatically based on Active Directory accounts, and so that it can integrate with other corporate tools. SkillMatrix is intuitive and enthusiastically used by employees, who are actively involved in the knowledge base development process, reporting new technologies and competences worth adding.

The SkillMatrix system enables:

  • Employees – to complete and generate a personal profile,
  • Managers – to manage employees’ profiles,
  • The Sales, HR and Delivery departments – to search for employees with specific competences and generate their profiles in the form of Word and PDF files before presenting them to the client.

Plans for the future

We are still developing our system. Ultimately, we want to make it available to candidates as well – people from outside the company. Thanks to this, candidates participating in the recruitment process will be able to fill in their personal profiles, and the HR department will have ongoing access to information about the results of recruitment. Once the recruitment process is completed, the employee’s profile will be available within the company’s structure.


  • Easier knowledge management in the company – each manager is responsible for managing the profiles of their team members. The database currently includes several hundred competences in 24 categories.
  • Easier access to profiles and competences – no need to browse through documents, as all data is available in one place.
  • Faster flow of documentation in the company – the system is an internal repository of profiles.
  • Possibility of quickly finding suitable employees according to their declared preferences (e.g. specialists open to project relocation).
  • Option to customize the appearance of documents generated – if a company decides to change the layout of corporate documents, it is sufficient to make a change in the application, and all generated documents will use the new layout.

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Information on the processing of personal data

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Information on the processing of personal data

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