Skywriting Website Development

Skywriting is a form of marketing communication based on smoke emission. The text of the message is transferred via an online solution available on the company’s website, while dedicated software and hardware controls the release of smoke emitted by each plane. Skywriting technology works by combining 5-15 planes flying in a formation.

Country: Great Britain
Year: 2013
Project scope: Website development
Team size: 3
Technologies: CSS, AJAX, JavaScript jQuery, Bootstrap, Symfony2, Twitter Bootstrap Framework
Project company name: CURB Media

What is the skywriting’ project?

This unique advertising solution delivers a new channel for communication for those who need to reach a wider audience, no matter where the message sender is located. Within the scope of programming work, a dedicated website was created which functions as a gateway for people interested in that form of advertising. The website offers compelling functionalities such as:

  • Skywriting a message – the instant creation of any customer’s message
  • Preview of the message – the virtual presentation of the message
  • Interactive world map –  service representatives
  • Skywriting timeline – historical outline of the company

The scope of work

  • Design of the website
  • Creation of a new administration panel based on Symfony2 framework with dynamic elements using the JavaScript jQuery library and AJAX technology
  • Design of the Front-End panel, using Twister Bootstrap framework
  • SEO website optimization

About the client

CURB Media is an award-winning entrepreneurial brand experience and innovation agency.

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Work with the best team in Europe

We’re here to help you

Work with the best team in Europe