Software development and automated tests for the gaming industry

Online betting services are one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. Our client operating in the gaming industry is utilizing the services of JCommerce’s .NET developers and automating testers in the development of an innovative online betting platform.

Country: UK
Year: 2020 - ongoing
Project scope: Software development and testing
Team size: 6+
Technologies: React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, React Hooks, Reselect, Typescript, NodeJs (Express), MongoDB, Sass, TDD (Jest, Enzyme), Selenium Webdriver, Xunit, SpecFlow, RestSharp, Appium, .NET Core, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Webpack, Yarn, Precommit Hooks, Prepush Hooks, Linter, Fe Mocks, Docker. CI –  Repository: Bitbucket, Jenkins, Git Flow
Software development and automated tests for the gaming industry

Our client

The company is pursuing a vision of creating an engine for sports betting and presenting the results of games and matches live, providing users with a high-quality User Experience. The company provides functionalities, technologies and tools, including in the area of gaming, sports betting and casinos online. It also provides enterprise tools and CMS platforms and systems for the industry, allowing you to manage systems and control changes in betting as well as conditions of the probability of winning.


  • The company needed competency support in the field of programming using .NET technology. The challenge was to build a platform that, at the height of the biggest sport events, must serve over 40,000 simultaneous users who need to be presented with live scores. In other periods (e.g., in the winter), user traffic may be low, so the platform must provide very high scalability of costs and availability.
  • As the project evolved, there was a need for a cost-effective testing process to ensure the solution was of the highest quality.

Software Development

Team of .NET, Front-End and QA developers built and developed the platform using the Disciplined Agile (DaD) approach, combining elements of several software development strategies. As a result, it was possible to work out an approach corresponding with the way in which the customer defines requirements and works on the system. To ensure the required scalability and availability, the platform has been divided into many components that optimize the load on servers and allow for scaling capacity as needed. 

What the client said about us:

“We were impressed how much value the development team brought to the company, so we wanted to try with testers too”.
Test Manager at the client’s side

Automated tests

The client appreciated the level of communication and decided to continue cooperation, involving a team of automation testers from JCommerce in the project. Initially, the testers wrote automated tests, but they were quickly given a chance to share their knowledge and were involved in improving the test process. The test script they created allowed the customer to significantly reduce the number of regression tests. 

Business benefits

  • Development of a scalable betting platform that can handle 40,000 simultaneous users,
  • Good practices and support in the field of test automation,
  • Fewer tests related to change thanks to automated test scripts,
  • Efficient project implementation due to the use of the Disciplined Agile approach.
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Tools and technologies:

  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core,
  • C#
  • Web API
  • REST
  • MySQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • WinForms
  • DevExpress
  • MongoDB
  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • SignalR

Our Client: Online gaming platform and betting solution provider from the UK, part of the global group.