Implementation of cloud-based services for a HealthTech company

The client, as one of the largest global providers of hearing care solutions, is developing over 40 different applications. Inetum developers with experience in the Azure cloud environment were engaged to work on one of them – a remote hearing test application.

Country: Switzerland
Year: 2017 - ongoing
Technologies: NET Core, .NET 5, Microsoft Azure, Entity Framework Core, xUnit, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, ELK, Angular 5, Typescript, RxJS, NgRx, Gulp, Jasmine.
Project company name: Swiss provider of healthcare solutions
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Cloud-based hearing test platform  

The main task of the platform is to allow the patient to test their hearing loss at home. If the test result suggests that the patient is suffering from hearing loss, the system makes it possible to schedule an appointment at the doctor’s office. The platform also allows patients to use video chat and remote consultation options.

Once a booking is made, the information is saved in a dedicated CRM system and the patient receives an email with the test results, an invitation to the appointment, and a link to an online questionnaire. The answers provided are saved in the CRM in the patient’s profile, allowing the audiologist to prepare for the visit.

The need

The solution offered by the client was initially designed for a single, dedicated CRM system. The product is offered as a “white label” product, which means that end customers – hearing clinics and audiologists — can apply their own branding to it. This made it time-consuming to implement the platform if integration with another system was required.

The client decided to update the application architecture and extend its functionality. To streamline the work on the project, the client decided to cooperate with Inetum as an experienced partner with suitable resources and knowledge in the field of cloud-based application development.

Cooperation with Inetum

Experienced Front-End and .NET developers from Inetum joined the client’s team. Their main task was to analyze requirements and design solutions. The biggest challenge they faced was to become accustomed to working with the client’s teams, who had been using cloud-based services for many years and had high expectations of external developers.

One of our team leaders, who joined the project early on, is currently responsible for an application consisting of over 50 microservices, both functional and technical. Many improvements and changes implemented with the help of our developers have become standard for the client.

Microservices architecture in cloud-based applications

It was decided that the project would implement microservices architecture on the .NET Core platform. This enabled the modification and scaling of individual functionalities and services for all customers. Some microservices run in separate Docker containers in the Linux environment, which allows for better organization of the system and enables the use of Kubernetes software. Moreover, a middleware layer (Kong API Gateway) was used between the client applications and the deployed services, which increases the configuration possibilities.


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Flexible design of White Label applications

Front-End tasks were an additional element of the project. The hearing screening application was redesigned to make it easy for users to change the appearance of the application. The previous version required the creation of a separate application for each clinic, while the new version, created as a responsive web application, is universal – during loading in the browser, it downloads from the server the appropriate configuration determining its appearance (logo, colors, and font), language and marketing activities. Thanks to this, the application can be used by an unlimited number of clinics.

The new features allow users to configure elements of the mobile application for patients, including:

  • language,
  • images displayed during the test,
  • font,
  • background color and individual elements,
  • adding the clinic’s logo.

The Angular 6.0 framework was used to build the frontend of the project.

The cloud in the project

The client was guided by several aspects in choosing the application architecture:

Time saving

The cloud provides multiple PaaS services, which significantly simplifies the use of services essential to meeting business requirements.

Data availability

The Azure cloud’s intuitive user experience allows for easy access to all data hosted in the cloud.


The client has a large market in the East, where Azure is one of the few cloud providers available.

Application scalability

Azure allows for the processing of 12–16 million pieces of information per day, where bandwidth control is done using the so-called slider.

Cloud-based tools and services used in the project

  • Azure Kubernetes Services
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Azure SQL
  • CosmosDB
  • Blob Storage
  • Azure Functions

Business benefits for the client

  • Cooperation with an experienced nearshoring partner, with proven competences in developing cloud-based applications.
  • Processes allowing for the addition of developers at different stages of the project.
  • Streamlining of software development processes and implementation of new functionalities.

About the client 

A leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions based in Switzerland. The company offers its customers one of the most comprehensive product ranges in the industry – from hearing aids, to cochlear implants, to wireless communication solutions.

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Information on the processing of personal data

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