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A leading Swiss provider of innovative healthcare solutions, which sells its products to hundreds of doctors’ surgeries around the world, has decided to cooperate with JCommerce in the development of HealthTech software.

Country: Switzerland
Year: 2017
Project scope: Front-End changes to the administration panel, as well as functional and architecture changes of the application, including transfer the Back-End layer to Azure Cloud.
Time: ongoing
Technologies: .NET Core 2.0, Entity Framework Core, Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL Server, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Table Storage, Azure Functions (Serverless), xUnit, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Angular 6, TypeScript, RxJS, NgRx, Gulp, Jasmine
Project company name: Swiss provider of healthcare solutions

HealthTech solutions

  • Application – One of the company’s solutions is an application that is used for remote testing for loss of hearing. It enables patients to test their hearing at home by telephone. If the result suggests that the patient suffers from hearing loss, the application will propose an appointment at the doctor’s.
  • Online questionnaire – The patient also receives an e-mail containing the test results and a link to an online questionnaire, which allows him to get any additional information about his health condition which may be necessary in the diagnostic process. The answers can be saved in the patient’s file, enabling the clinic staff to prepare for diagnosis before the visit. This both increases the standard of medical services provided by the clinic and also allows for a shorter wait for a doctor’s appointment and a shorter visit.
  • Dedicated software – Additionally, the company also offers software that supports hearing aids. The mobile application allows the patient to report incidents related to the use of the camera, as well as assess sound quality and general camera performance in various everyday situations (e.g. at the cinema, at a concert, or during an ordinary conversation). This data is then sent to the manufacturer, facilitating monitoring and optimization.
  • E-coach function – As a frequent problem which users of this type of equipment have is an unwillingness to wear hearing aids (due to social stigma and the self-consciousness which a patient who has hearing problems often feels), the company also offers an application featuring the e-coach function, which introduces gamification elements that motivate the patient to use the camera. The application encourages users to perform activities that teach them to choose the right camera settings, so that the patient learns all the functions and settings which allow them to make full use of its capabilities.

Goals of the project

The problem which the company came to JCommerce with was that these solutions were initially designed for a single, dedicated patient service system, which meant that its implementation was very time-consuming for customers with a different system.

The scope of the project included changing the architecture of the application and introducing a range of functional changes, as well as transferring the Back-End layer to Azure Cloud. In addition, Front-End specialists from JCommerce introduced changes to the administration panel of the application in such a way that target customers, i.e. clinics and medical offices, can customize the appearance of the application according to their requirements.


In order to enable the modification and scaling of individual functionalities and services for all clients, the decision to implement microservice architecture on the .Net Core platform was made. The individual microservices that correspond to the application’s functions are run in separate Docker containers in the Linux environment. All microservices are orchestrated using the Kubernetes system.

The system architecture is based on Azure services. Communication between microservices is carried out using Azure Service Bus; the databases utilize Azure SQL and Azure Cosmos DB, as well as Azure Blob Storage for static files.

Log management and system diagnostics are carried out through ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana).

Customization of Front-End layers

Front-End tasks were an additional element of the project. The hearing screening application has been redesigned in such a way as to enable users to change the appearance of the application easily. The previous version required creating a separate application for each clinic, whereas the new version, created as a responsive web application, is universal – when loading in the browser it downloads an appropriate configuration that defines its appearance (logo, colors, font), language and marketing actions from the server. This means it can be used by an unlimited number of clinics.

New features allow users to configure the following elements of the mobile application for patients:

  • language,
  • photographs displayed during the test,
  • font,
  • color of the background and particular features,
  • as well as adding the clinic’s logo.

The Angular 6.0 framework was used for the Front-End of the project.

End-users (meaning clinics) have an administrative panel at their disposal, which allows them to make previously described customization changes in the configurator with a real-time preview of the changes. The clinic can add numerous views of the application to the tests, configure them in a different way, and share each of them using a separate URL. They can then be published on the website, on social media, or made available to patients during the visit.

The administration panel also allows users to visualize statistics with test results. On the results page and in the email with the patient report, users can configure additional marketing elements, such as “contact us”, “leave a request and we’ll be in touch”, etc.

About the Client

The company offers modern diagnostic, prophylactic and prosthetic instruments, as well as a range of services that aim to increase the quality of life of patients and make contact with their doctors easier.

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